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  1. I dependes on how you look at it. by original trilogy TUH might mean the first 3 books that center around Paul.... anyway I love the books and herbert was one of the best in his field
  2. The Picture show dose not do it justice. I've seen the live show twice. you just cant beat joining in with the rest of the audence. and the opening song (Science fiction double feature) is one of the best ever.
  3. I'll only answer no 1 as it seems to be the only one people don't know Click for Spoiler: The size of round used by the british during WWII and for a long time before was .303" the main weapon was a Lee Enfield no 4 bolt action rifle with a 5 round clip. the other main weapon was the Bren Gun which was allso .303". then we moved on after the war to a 762 round in the SLR & GPMG but the Bren was also still in service so we still used .303's now we have the standard NATO 5.56mm in the form of the Enfield L85 A1(SA80) & L98 A1(LSW).....Useless trivia...We still have a version of the LE no 4. the Lee Enfield no 8 has the same wood furnicher as the no 4 but us designed to take a .22" round but these are being phased out in favour of the .22" convertion kits for the SA80
  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm It seems to me that people are reading too much into this. but then it would cause I know where the line comes from.......
  5. So my Chose is Death Or Death?????? Sooooooo yeeeeeeeees!
  6. Torn to shreds by Def Lepard
  7. Normaly IF upgrade pretty soon after the Batas a released
  8. V2.0 is totaly awesome. allthough my favorite feature is in the ACP.... I love the make your own BBCode thing. the other nice thing is the infinite subforums abbility.
  9. In the vote I went for 2001 it is such a great movie. but I have a list....now some of my list you may say isnt very good but to me they where all enjoyable and good entertainment. in no particular order 2010 odesy two Bicentenial man minority report pay cheque enemy mine back to the future I, II & III Metropolis the Black hole the last starfighter escape from new york the day the earth stood still this island earth robocop freejack blade runner close encounters of the third kind planet of the apes starman the man that fell to earth Alien Aliens Fifth Element Twelve Monkeys Star Gate silent running K-PAX (one of my all time favorites I can't wait till they do the other two books) battle beyond the stars sallue of the jugger the core titan A.E.
  10. Acording to the TNG Tech Manual the Replecators use a store of matter (Starship waste) and then uses transporter tech to reorder the matter into the required form.
  11. For the last three I was not born. and for 3 of the others I don't remember at all. but for 9-11 I do remember.... I was coming home from work when the first plane stuck. When I finnished work I went stright to a friends house I got through the door my dad had gone round to see him as well and one of my other friends, John was there allso. I was just about to open my mouth to say hello when john said "Did you here? someone has blown up the world trade center" I waited for the punch line as it sounded like a joke, when he said nothing I said "And.....?" he said. "No realy." and he pointed to the TV. BBC news 24 was on with live coverage and as I watched the second plain came in. I just fell back into a chair I was horifide I couldnt speak.
  12. Oxford UK. I lived there for 20 years and moved away 2 years ago because I hated the place. but I hate where I am even more. and I am realy starting to miss my friends.
  13. I voted yes. We all need somthing to Believe in right?
  14. The is a David Bowie concert showing on TV at this moment. I love Bowie he rocks