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  1. Glad to hear that you're doing better! Keep getting better and don't you leave us here again.
  2. I personally think that this is terrific. And a great team effort by the Hospital Staff.
  3. And you're banned for pestering the Lifeguards for something as simple as excessive drooling.
  4. And you're banned for drooling.
  5. David does some awesome work.
  6. I had almost forgotten about this thread. It brought back some nice memories.
  7. I am very pleased with how the remastered episodes turned out. I know that there's a lot of the TOS Fans that hate them, but I love them. And I'm a huge TOS Fan.
  8. And you're banned for not fixing it.
  9. The Undiscovered Country is my 2nd favorite.
  10. And you're banned for your sig image not coming up.
  11. Visa
  12. And you're banned for noticing that I've been away for so long.
  13. I'll be picking up the BluRay Version tomorrow.
  14. Chess
  15. And you're banned for being curious.
  16. I think that I voted for ST IV. I actually forgot, but IV was my 4th favorite.
  17. If it's Sci-Fi, then it gets my attention. I'll probably check this out.
  18. I'm not a Bon Jovi Fan, but the song fits nicely with your cut of the video highlights.