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  1. Even the live series had force field so the technology to create these kind of belts ought to exist. Only thing is I don't where they would hook up external oxygen. Probably have to carry it tanks inside the field.
  2. There are some actors I find it hard to accept hair on Patrick Stewart is one, though I did once see him with hair as a character called Sejanus(?) in I Claudius. John GielGud is another actor that is somehow just meant to be without hair. Force of habit. Btw, did Mr.Picard on this board use to be Mrs.Picard or am I imagining something?
  3. I was going to look at the 2x4 but I just couldn't get past how short Uhuras skirt is. You're probably right about the blooper though.
  4. The Motion Picture is probably the best one. Fantastic score and beautiful visuals. Wrath of Kahn is more fun to watch though.
  5. Strangely as old as Stewart looks today he would still make a more believable captain than Chris Pine. Very much doubt he would be interested though.
  6. Not much boobage on the Borg Queen really, but what there is is probably rubber yes. Anyway, I doubt the queen was even elected in the first place. More likely seems she is the founder or one of the founders of the Borg. Best scene with the Borg Queen from 0:20 to 0:55 in this clip. (Unfortunately it is cut short and interrupted by speech, but I couldn't find the full clip on youtube.) Love the way she stretches her limbs after assembly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIdXmC9a3oU
  7. Of the listed classes only Centaur and Defiant are technically DS9 classes. All the others I think comes from First Contact. Defiant is unusual for a Starfleet design not having hte classic configuration of a saucer in front and nacelles to the rear. Two things put me off the Defiant though, first after four seasons of it the novelty wore off, and second when they brought in another one after they had the balls to destroy the first one they made me dissapointed. (Don't know who said there were only two of them btw, but htere were at least three in DS9 alone and two more showed up in Voyager.) So my choice is the Centaur. Sleek looking and nifty, and it worked well in the combat scene with Siskos Jem Hadar fighter.
  8. Can't remember. I don't think it was Encounter at Farpoint. At the time I was young and I thik what caught my attention was the ships. It is likely the episodes that first had me go 'whoa!' were some if the early Romulan and Borg episodes.
  9. The movies may have helped to make TNG possible, but it was not the movies that captured the interest of a new young generation in the 80:s and gave new life to the Star Trek cultural phenomenon. The same will be true today. Perhaps even more today as the interval between the movies will be filled with other sci-fi and fantasy offerings. If not Star Wars, then the Hobbit or Avatar or something else. Only an ongoing feed of continuous Star Trek material can have the same reviving effect that TNG had back then. With the stink from Enterprise still hanging it is yet too early. I would guess Trek need another decade of rest before a serious effort is attempted. The new movies could help to pave the way, but the next one must be better. They must also avoid the trap of making Star Trek generic action sci-fi like the last movie did. This kind almost never makes it to a successfull TV series.
  10. Movies can't get Star Trek moving again. They are too few and too far between. They also have the problem of needing to do profit on their own which means the creative process gets undermined by certain requirements. You need to catch a youthfull audience and then regularly keep feeding them good material for a long period of time. A television series might have done, but television is struggling with a lot of competition from alternative media today. Maybe a quality high production value online series might work if anyone would be interested in funding one.
  11. Aha, now I found the link you referred to. I think they both look a lot older than they did in the series but why wouldn't they.
  12. Looks like Patrick Stewart in her avatar. Tough for all I know he may have a cleavage that can't be what you meant?
  13. Oh that's alright. I'm not too picky. Lots of women look gorgeous still when they are 50. Raquel Welch comes to mind, though as far as I can remeber she never did Star Trek. Don't worry about the green smearing of on you either, it just shows that you lived a little. But if you go for Zoe eh.. the new Uhura, well, I bet she can teach you all sorts of things in all sorts of languages.
  14. I should have Leeta then I think. Or if it needs to be from the new one, perhaps the green skinned woman. Or infact, come to thnk of it, didn't old Uhura field an impressive rack in The Motion picture? Maybe I should begin a study to determine the deepest cleavage in Star Trek. Or no, better not. Chances are of ending up with some weird looking unattractive Alien. No Uhura will have to do, unless I can find a good picture of Leeta.
  15. I do not understand how you think here. Enterprise did get its chance to prove itself but didn't take it. That was part of the problem. Like TNG the show had a mediocre start, but they did work steadily to build things up for the first two seasons. They introduced things like the Temporal stuff and the Suliban, the Vulcan-Andorian conflict and The Nausican pirates and probably other things I've forgotten about. By the beginning of the third season, just like TNG they had an established universe to begin telling good stories in, What happen was, they ditched it all and the fruits of two seasons of hard work was thrown away or placed in limbo. I don't from what place they pulled out the Xindi and the whole threat to Earth but they had to start over from nil. Also they made a capital offence for a television series, they changed format mid-series. In the first two seasons episodes were selfcontained, or at most part of a double/triple. A viewer had a decent chance of missing and episode and still be able to follow next episode. Viewers get used to such things. Some viewer enjoyed the Andorian episodes and not so much the Temporal, some viewers the other way around, and no one knew if the next episode might not deal with their favourite topic. Then comes the Xindi arc, ensuring that not only was there no chance to get the continuation of the storyline you enjoyed the most up to that, but if you didn't happen to like the Xindi story you were stuck with an entire season of episodes that wouldn't appeal. Because the arc was so long the story also felt like it was crawling forward. And the new format meant if you missed one episode you were basically out of touch. Taken together it is a series killer. It might have been different if they had begun like season three. If they had made their viewers expect this format and this long ongoing story. Then if you have a story that hooks them you get them coming back every episode not to miss anything. But you can't change everything at a critical moment halfway into the series. Babylon 5 season 4 did a similar blunder though possibly for different reasons. But Enterprise did it just at the moment when it was set to prove itself. Just when they had a chance to make all the ground work they built in the first two seasons come to life and pay off, they shot themselves in the arse with the Xindi instead. A million reasons may have been the cause of this, already poor rating probably the most important ones, but desperation can seldom save a series. Either way Enterprise had one chance to hit a stride and they wasted it magnificently. As for the Xindi arc. Enterprise always suffered a little from post 9/11 patriotism, and could never quite shake a distasteful us vs them mentality. Archer himself seemed always like an overgrown teenager. Instead of maturing in the third season they came up with the Xindi arc, which took all of those problems with the show and multiplied them manyfold. Archer said and did things in the third season that would have made Gene Roddenberry sick to the heart. Poor Archer was alwasy a pompous posturing kind of leader of the kind that is hard to like, and in a way I am glad the final episode of Season 4 spared us his Federation speech. To steal a line from Amadeus he would have made his speech so lofty he'd shit marble. And every single drone present in the event would have applauded him with relish for it. Well, Enterprise was always a troubled show, but I shouldn't be surprised if the third season doomed it.