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    Other than Star Trek, I like to ride my bike (I do a lot of charity rides on it ^_^), draw, listen to musical soundtracks, obsess over Firefly and Serenity (it ROCKS-go see it :) ) and Dr. Who, and generally enjoy being a crazy teenager :)
  1. Brilliant photograph. Possibly the best I've ever seen
  2. Yeah, I kind of feel in love wiht this avatar the minute I saw it. And I think yours is cute. Why I'm not entirely sure, but it's cute
  3. There's a thread like this at another message board I visit, and when I didn't see one here I thought I'd start one. Right now I'm using one that's basically a mini guide to grammer
  4. 16-20 years old and I've been watching Trek since I was an infant (with the exception of a few year in elementry school when it was on too late for me )
  5. mj - it's still in development, and he was giving a visual presentation. I'd be willing to bet that they're going to get some pretty powerful writing and programing tools on there. I think he was just showing the most impresive, innovative, and entertaining aspects of it because of the nature of the presentation.
  6. I've only really seen the 9th doctor, but I've read a bit about the first. So my fav is currently the 9th, and my least the 1st (he just seemed so grumpy to me)
  7. Congrats on the promotion Lord Borg!
  8. It's not always in black and white and 'backwards'. I've seen Star Wars manga and it's 'forwards' and in color. I'm actually very curious to see how it comes out, I can't wait to see promo pics!
  9. ^The movie may have bombed in theatres, but it is one of the top selling movies on Amazon right now, and it certainly did not flop on stage.
  10. I haven't heard all of the original songs, but I have heard the two 'Seasons of Love' from both the original cast and the movie. I didn't really think there was much of a difference. Well, they were different but they both worked. As for Mimi, I liked the new Mimi better. I forget what the title of her solo is, but the orginal just grated on me.
  11. In response to what someone said earlier: You can NOT fully uninstall IE. It's an intregral part of Windows. Without it you can't navigate your files or update the OS. My solution (not to the whole thing, just once you've gotten the machine working again): 1. Install FF. Much safer. This site is much better at explaining why than I am. Basically since IE is so integrated into your system it is in and of itself a security gap. 2. Delete all icons and shortcuts to IE. Replace them with FF shortcuts. This will prevent accidentally accessing IE. 3. Make sure that you've got all the right protection, it sounds like you already do, but anyways: AVG, Spybot S&D, Adaware, and Spyware Blaster are what I've got on this computer. 4. Defrag your computer on a regular basis. Doesn't do anything for security, but it'll help keep your computer up to speed. If you don't know where it is go to Start:Programs:Acessories:System Tools and it should be there. Good luck
  12. My fav hasn't aired in America yet...Here's my list (give or take, they can be shuffled a bit): The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances The End of the World The Parting of the Ways Unquiet Dead The Christmas Invasion Dalek I know I'm missing a bunch, but still
  13. I saw that, I laughed my butt off For those who it doesn't seem to be working for: I saw it off Google Video and it worked fine.
  14. I thought it was great. The one problem is that a lot of people were comparing it to the actual play and saying that the film lacked the intamacy of the stage. Having never seen the actual play, I thought the film was incredible. I love Angel, he's awesome. Especially the number he did in the 4"+ heels at the begining of the play. I also loved Mimi's solo at the club. That kicked so much butt
  15. Take care of yourself! Don't worry about the trivia :lol: