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  1. I am refering to more than just this comment. She has continually bad-mouthed the series for a good long while now.
  2. Once again, Jolene Blalock is mouthing off about how she hates Enterprise. She has done nothing but complain almost since the show began. My question is: If she really thinks so poorly of the show, why doesn't she just leave? Why didn't she just leave a long time ago?
  3. Click For Spoiler Archer seemed shocked and outraged that one of his officers could be a "traitor". However, he seemed to make a bigger deal of it then he should have. When was the last time they had a conversation outside of work? Maybe if he had gotten to know him a bit more Archer could have foreseen this, or at least have a genuine reason to feel like he was personally attacked. Section 31 didn't excite me as much as I expected it to. This was probably because of the lack of recent character development for Malcolm. We haven't heard anything about him since the episode where Hoshi baked him a cake. I am sick and tired of Trip/Tepal relationship. There are other crewmembers who have relationships. Which brings me to my next point. I was genuinely relieved to see the Hoshi/Phlox scene. I'm glad their friendship has been mentioned again, even if it was only for a brief moment. This episode is like the rest of this season, mediocre. 8/10
  4. I am sorry to those who believe that Enterprise was good but you are wrong. There was little character development and even less character interaction. Aside from a few good episodes, the overall quality was mediocre at best. Star Trek is not dead, but it will need a major staff overhual to come back from this.
  5. Click For Spoiler This was, IMHO, the best episode of the entire season. There was some action, but mostly it was about the people. We learned some more about Hoshi, my favourite character, which was excellent. There was enough of the Trip/T'Pol romance to remind us of it, but not enought to make be pissed off. (Incase you can't tell, I don't like that romance). This episode rocked. 10/10
  6. Way back when the Original Series was on the air, having Chekov was big because of the Cold War and having Uhura was big because of the treatment of Blacks. I think that in the upcoming episode, Daedalus, the producers had an opportunity to use an Arab be the inventor of the transporter, much in the same way that Richard Daystrom was Black. However, someone dropped the ball on this, which is somewhat disappointing. Any thoughts?
  7. Click For Spoiler As with the Brent Spinner trilogy, the last episode left me unsatisfied. Yes, the high command was using emotions to guide their decision. But I also saw much emotion in T'Pau, as well as in T'Pol. There were times when I did not see cast members as Vulcans, but as human's with pointy ears. This trilogy did not solve the Vulcan plot line in my eyes. I found that all that happened was that the producers told us "Hey, the Vulcan's are normal again." Maybe it's just because we didn't actually see the change, but were only assured that it will happen eventually. How long did T'Pau say it would take to translate the Kir Shara? As for the Romulan thing, I think that Manny Coto is walking a fine line. He must remember that no humans must see a romulan before Kirk does. I realize that it was a Vulcan who saw the Romulan, and presumably they know about the Romulans, but still. If this Romulan thing is not done right, they will end botching this trilogy like they did the last two.
  8. They were not suggesting that Al Qaeda was innocent. They were suggesting that the Iraqi people were innocent. The only people America has gone to war with on faulty intelligence recently was Iraq. There was the issue of ties to Al Qaeda and the supposed stockpiles.
  9. Nice. Any idea why didn't post it?
  10. Click For Spoiler This episode was surprisingly good. It sums up what Vulcans have really become and why they need to change. They tried to blast Enterprise out of the sky despite being allies and are willing to destroy Andoria because of faulty intelligence (sound familiar?). The one thing that stopped me from giving this episode a 10 was the Vulcans in this episode. Not only were the bad ones too guided by emotions, but I noticed many emotions in the good ones too. On her death bed, T'Pol's mom was on the verge of tears, while T'Pol herself wept. And T'Pau was getting angry at one point. Other than that one point, the episode was quite enjoyable. 9/10.
  11. I don't think that they should ever have made ENT. They should have waited a couple years for the franchise to build up to what it once was. I would rather wait 5 years to come back to a really good season than take this crap. This series could have been done so easily. The story is already told, all the writers need to do is fill in the gap. The foundation of the Federation, the Romulan War, the Klingon ridge issue, the Vulcan indescrepancies. Most of these issues are going to be dealt with in this season, but it shouldn't have taken 3 seasons before they did these.
  12. Although I did like his character, I can see no way to incorporate his character into the series as a regular.
  13. Click For Spoiler Alas, I did not enjoy this episode. The trailer promised that the Augments would ignite the hostilities between the Klingons and Earth that would last for generations. They did not do that. Also, the authors lost another good opportunity to explain the klingon ridges, they disappeared because of the viruses. This episode highlights something that has bugged me about Enterprise. The directors/producers/writers have wanted to make this show original. Completely different from the others. This is a mistake. Although I enjoy a little originallity, there are many key issues that need to be addressed. The writers already have a universe to work towards, they just need to build up to it. How do the Klingons lose their ridges? How does the hostilities between them and the humans begin? What about the Romulan wars? What about the Vulcan descrepincies? What about the Federation, something about which has only been allueded to in TCW episodes? These questions have not been answered and I doubt they ever will.
  14. Maybe someone could photoshop it.
  15. I find it extremely hard to believe that Nemisis is in the top 25. Movies have been made for the last 70 years at least and it is extremely unlikely that this one could make it on the list. Sure, it wasn't great. But it wasn't that bad.