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  1. Happy New Year!! :)
  2. Hello! :)
  3. That's always sad news, even if it's for the best. :/
  4. Thanks for this too! I always find Marina's attitude toward her participation in the franchise hilarious.
  5. Very cool! I may not attend the Walter Koenig Star Celebration, but I did donate for my signed photo! :) Thanks for posting!
  6. That was hilarious! Loved it!!! Diana
  7. Haha! Awesome screen name. :)

  8. The movie Oblivion has some pretty awesome Star Trek references, as it has George Takei in it. At one point his character, Doc Valentine, is holding a bottle of Jim Beam and says, "Jim, beam me up!" Later, he asks the character Zack Stone to hand him his "tricorder." A terrible film, even by camp standards, but I enjoyed those references. :) Diana
  9. Click for Spoiler: Didn't it look like Nero's wife, in the image he shows to Pike, has the facial tattoos too? I don't want to authoritatively assert this in case I was seeing things, but I sure thought so, all 3 times I've seen it so far... Diana
  10. Click for Spoiler: Thanks for that post! I enjoyed it. Good points! :( I just saw the movie again tonight, and I really enjoyed it--will go again! But I too still feel unsettled by the timeline, and sort of consider it a bit separate, in a way. Since the timelines clearly can't really coexist anyway, I don't see a problem with that. It is indisputably Trek! (Separate but equal? Oh no! :P) Diana
  11. I dunno, I did find the phrase a little sexist. While technically it was my father who was the bigger ST fan, my mother also watched and enjoyed it--as did I, of course. But I did cringe at it a little for other reasons too. While I agree that it probably wasn't intended to be insulting, my first reaction was, "But I like my father's Star Trek!" I guess it may have been a good way to attract more viewers, but it didn't and still doesn't sit particularly well with me. And I had many reservations about the film...but I loved it. So I'll forgive them that one bit of marketing that I didn't like. Okay, two if you include the music on the TV ads. :P Diana
  12. Click for Spoiler: I feel the same way. I loved the movie. It wasn't Die Hard in space like I had feared. :P I really appreciated it, thoroughly. However I do have one fairly major reservation about it in that it does seem a bit like a cop-out to just say, "Okay, now we're going to keep some elements the same but then reboot it in such a way that we can do whatever we want without worrying about consistency." While I appreciate that this opens up a vast potential for new and exciting stories, it does seem to have to be considered as pretty much independent of everything else in the canon. I find it unsettling in that regard. And, to me, it seems unlikely that they would spend another movie on essentially the same topic just to set the timeline right, so I doubt that will happen. The fact is, the alteration of the timeline bothers me. That being said, I did genuinely love the film, and I'm going to IMAX it again too, this weekend. It's all so exciting!! :( Diana
  13. OMG! I am so excited. I can't believe it! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! :P (I don't know how I missed this until now. I'm a delinquent.) :( But yaaaaaaaaaaay! Diana
  14. I've got another one! In "Half Moon Investigations" by Eoin Colfer, it says (on pages 180-181): "Whoopee!" screamed the other girls. April winced. "I've been thinking about that. Whoopee is a bit too Shona for me." "It's on her second CD," said May, starting to sing. "Whoopee, look at me." April plowed on. "So instead of whoopee, could we say Wonderful? Or Affirmative? I saw that on Star Trek." "On the one where the thing's head explodes?" "No, May. On the one where they couldn't find enough stuff to power the thing." "I loved that one." "Me, too. At least we can agree on something. Now to business." Also, on page 267: "Fletcher, what are you saying?" May had pushed her way on to the stage. With her dance costume, blond hair, and wobbling lip, she looked the picture of innocence. I would have less trouble convincing a trekkie that Spock was an impulsive hothead. Pardon my penchant for children's literature...but I love Eoin Colfer. Diana
  15. I still haven't watched that series. Whenever I came in on it for an episode or two, it confused me. And Sisko irritated me. Eventually I will watch it, of course, and I may love it! Who knows?!