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  1. happy birthday nascarfan1! :D

  2. Last nights double bill of Enterprise left me yawning after the first, but I thought the second episode, "Bounty" was great...
  3. Thanks for the info...
  4. My vote goes to Grace Lee Whitney...
  5. Tarbald, Conupious planet, 1996
  6. It's too bad that we couldn't have bottled him up in '68, and let him out when we need a real Kirk fix.
  7. Last I heard Bill Campbell, who played Trelane, was very ill. Can anyone give me an update on his health?
  8. It's too bad they didn't do a spin off, from TOS when it first got cancelled, with Sulu in command. Don't know if it would have survived though with the war in Nam going on, and all the prejudice at home...
  9. Welcome aboard...
  10. Welcome aboard...
  11. Welcome aboard...
  12. Welcome aboard...
  13. The episode was "The Fight", 5th season. Has a great closing sequence...
  14. I have to echo the thoughts that Nelix is a character that grows on you. When Voyager first came out, this *Kitchen Rat was a laugh. But as the story goes, and now he's one of my favorites. *Thanx to Q