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  1. My sincere condolences.
  2. Believe it or not - internet streamed Baroque...
  3. I am listening to '10 years of Full Intention'. I love Disco, rally ahh doo...
  4. I am really glad it won't be a prequel. I don't like prequels. Reimagine-ings are awesome, if BSG is any indicator...
  5. Wondering where the frack I've been, as I pull Yar out of the hat ONE MORE TIME!!! Contemplating a paper I'm about to horsepucky my way through. Following through on a promise. Oh yeah - did I mention I'm sitting here in my gitch?
  6. you know, i was here on this very board sounding off on the issues of colonialism and the status of certain ... responsibilities, if you will - i may live in the fairest country in the world, but i am none too proud of our inherent ignorance, these days, either ... drinking water, anyone? guess i'm trying to apologize for standing on a soap-box - oh well - 'twas nice feeling taller, but that fall sure packs a smack... to my friends... please, mod, beam me to OFF TOPIC, where my trigger happy writer forgot to post me...
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  9. i tell you, this studying is for the birds - the summer can be the busiest semester for those of us with nerd blood, so do all forgive my extended absence - i miss you all terribly and look forward to coming out of academic stasis SOON - 'til then, or september, i bid you adieu, mon cher crew... :lol:
  10. i'm buried to the boobs in a six-week full credit crash course - i am NEVER doing one of these again - oh mi gawd!!! :(
  11. good one, O-d - i wonder if the series is just starting down there??? mmm, to be a new Voyager fan, quel bliss!!!
  12. AE, you kill me... B)
  13. i like a guy who isn't afraid of me, first off - then, i appreciate intelligence, one who has empathy, and passion - so far, no good, but i'm hoping one day that the right man will come along - until then, i keep to my studies and stay out of the "free for all" - sense and respectability, that's me... Odie, you are a sweetheart, and deserve the very best - PERIOD. UA, you have my heart forEVER - thank you, eh?
  14. gotta love gotabite - too true, mon dieu!!! and thank you gotabite, for having such candor - i have been busy with my finals, but have also been disheartened by the way some members respond to others - between admonishing PMs, bickering posts, and downright prejudice expressed by some members, i really haven't felt like coming around - i think it sucks, really... you know why? as i write this, i KNOW that this post will be read, and i'll be told i'm the one with this problem, or that my attitude is poor, or that i should burn in hell for being...ahem - wonder why the posts are down? because ISN'T for all Trek fans, and some of us are really beginning to feel it... B)
  15. joeybear sees Voyager - joeybear LOVES Voyager - joeybear wants to know too!!! Qu'est-ce que c'est? B)