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  1. I love Voy but no way. Voyager ran its course and the story is over. To do a movie about what happens afterwards is a completely different story altogether so I can't see how it can be credibly called a Voyager movie when all it would do is mearly have Voy characters in a completely different story and setting. I would endorse this idea.
  2. I wonder if anyone sadistic enough will admit their fav moment was when Wesley got stabbed by those 'animal things' in Hide and Q B) Oh and another fav moment was seeing Portal of the Tkon empire. I thought he was really cool. Especially the way he tests Riker citing the philosphies of Sun Tzu
  3. Lots of favs The end bits of Best of Both Worlds parts 1 and 2. Yar returning in Yesterdays Ent Lal and Data Data and Maddox Barclay in Nth degree, I liked the ending and for some reason the end part of the episode sticks in my mind. Sela Spock Q in all good things. Data saving the day in genesis and picard getting chased by that frightening de-evolved worf. Oh but the best bit in that ep has to be Barclay as a Spider, I sometimes use that as my display pic on msn Worf in the ep parallels. Datas head in Times Arrow.
  4. Moogie Seriously though I'd have to go with Jadzia
  5. Perhaps when my friend is done making his, he can make one for u at about say 5 strips latinum?
  6. Yes, thank you both Gamera and Sea Trooper !!! A big time thank you from me and my friend Next time both of you are at Quarks, its all on the house
  7. Data is my most fav character so at the time I was bugged when he died. But I have to admit those who have made the arguments about Brent Spiner aging and about how the interest and the appeal of the character had pretty much been gone ever since he gained the emotion chip are quite strong arguments. In fact I would say it was the emotion chip more than anything killed of the Data character! I mean for me its hard to have seen where and how they could have taken the Data character foward. I mean if they introduced new things for Data to struggle then in my opinion it wouldnt work. The data I grew up following was a character trying to become more human, so trying to introduce new things would just essentially wipe the slate clean and we would essentially have a completely new character to deal with. At the end of the day it probably was the sensible thing to do and as much as I love data I aint upset over it since I can easily put on a TNG DVD and see Data in all his glory. So as far as I'm concerend he aint dead to me
  8. My friend is looking for a picture of the mugs that Sissko and Dax used to consume their raktajino on the defiant. He says the mugs are silver, cylindrical and have a black, handle. Sorta looks like a Thermos flask. He wants to build one. He cant find a decent picture of one. He reckons that they were used sometime around season 5 to 6. If any of you could help that would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Captain: Neelix XO: Quark Science: One of the Dabo girls Helm: Kai Winn Security: Rom Engineer: Deanna Troi
  10. Yes its true that in TNG the issue was if Data was property and in VOY it was if the Doc had control over his work. But my point is that in both cases you have to proove that they are entitiled rights as sentient beings in order to make the case that Data wasnt property and that the Doc could control his work. Its like saying that if a court has two cases, one dealing with hate speach and the other dealing with censorship. Both of these cases would be approached by referring to the 1st amendment and freedom of expression. I think its the same case here, while there may be contextual differences between the two cases, you would still have to refer to the same legislation and law dealing with the rights of sentient articifial life forms to prove the Docs and Datas case. Which is why I think that if Janeway made referrence to Data case the arbitration would have ended a lot sooner. Nope he's the property of Rick Berman
  11. I'm starting to think it was a blooper too. In that event Sack Berman
  12. Data may have been an Android and the Doc a Hologram, but in a broad sense both of them were artifcial life forms. Just as Species 8472 and Humanity are radically different, but still fall into the same category of biological life forms. You rightly point out that the doc and his fellow holograms were mass produced for the sole purpose of serving the needs of others and that purprose alone. But .iIn the Voyager ep, the main focus was prooving the Doc was a person, it was not about weather holograms were entitled to rights. They focused on prooving how the Doc had the capability to have friendships and to think for himself. Because of the Doc's uniqueness as being the only sentient hologram in starfleet, this line of argument would not have been enough to convince someone that all the other EMH Mark 1's were entitled to the same rights. Perhaps what had helped Data win his case was the fact that he was unique. At the end of the episode the Judge ruled that Data had the freedom to choose. Note it was not that Androids in general had the freedom to chose, but Data specifically, which makes sense coz a person could deliberately manufacture a non sentient android if they wanted to, but creating a sentient android is an entirely different ball game. Both Data and Doc had one thing in common. They were both unique artificial life forms. So even if the Federation does not consider Androids and Holograms as entire groupings to be entitled rights, Data and the Doc as individulas are still both entitled to their rights, under the catergory of individualy evolved sentient artificial life forms. Therefore the situation of Data and Doc isnt so different in my opinion.
  13. I liked the ep too, but still given that TNG had explored a similar issue involving data didn't you find this ep a tad bit repetitive?
  14. If we look at the events from First Contact with the Dominion right up to the beginning of the war, do you think there was something the Federation could have done differently that could have prevented war? I don't think so coz in the Search pt 2 the female shape shifter makes it clear that the aim of the Dominion is to impose order on a chaotic universe and to control all the solids. Because the Domionion had a very strange conception that their security needs could be best fulfilled through subgiation of others rather than through peaceful, friendly relations amongst equals. At the end of the ep we see that the only way for peace with the dominion was if the Feds conceeded practically everything. Obviously the Feds would never agree to that, which is why I think war with the Dominion was probably inevitable from day 1.
  15. If I remember correctly Author Author was that episode about the doc fighting for his right to control his work because the Bolian publisher refused to recognise him as a fully sentient person. As well all know Janeway and Tuvok mount a legal challenge and sort of win. But in light of that fact that 13 years earlier Picard had sucesfully demonstrated that Data was a fully sentient life form, could not Janeway and Tuvok have simply referred the arbiter to case involving Data as legal precedent? I mean both Data and the Doc were sentient artificial life forms, therefore the doc should be entitled to the same rights that were granted to Data. This is why I think the whole episode was a bit redundant. Anyone else agree?