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  1. Wow this thread died. Anywho, me and 2 of my friends have made a forum dedicated to comics. Any and all comics, we don't have many members, but we are in the process of recruiting new members. So i hope to see some of you there. I know there's a section for other sites, but when I made the help thread for this forum I was directed to thread and I'm also hoping that this'll bring this thread back.
  2. Caption 1: What am I doing Jim? I'm going to cut open your head and steal your powers. Caption 2: Man, that pictures fuzzy. Damn HDTV! They said it would be better! Caption 3: What do you mean, this film's going to ruin my career? I don't believe you!
  3. Nicole de Boer was in Stargate Atlantis.
  4. Not sure if this is the right sections but since I haven't made it yet, I thought it'd be cool. Anyway what I need is someone who wants to make a forum with me. The forum will be for comic book discussion. If you're interested or if you think you might join and want to hear more, you can reply here, PM me or email me. Thanks.
  5. If they did use another actor they don't have to use Eddie they could use Mac Gargan instead.
  6. It's not really how many they do, but how well they do them. Time and Again I've never liked, but Shattered was brilliant.
  7. He made a good Eddie Brock for sure, but I don't think he got enough time to make a good or a bad Venom.
  8. Well I read comics when I was 5 or 6 but they were those crappy ones for kids that have stories like "What was the Rhino like at school", I got into real comics at about 13, I went to see a movie with my sister and we stopped at a comic book store I liked to go to look at the action figures. It was free comic book day and I got the first issue of ultimate X-men and it grew from there.
  9. It also show good forward thinking. Also I think this is the place to put it, in Ensign Ro they said or implied that the Bajorians were forced of their world rather than forced to live under cardassian rule.
  10. What about the ep where Riker got offered Q powers. Worf got a beanet through the chest by an animal man creature.
  11. Ok why do they have an old green arow, an old batman and a new blue beetle?
  12. I dipped in and out of LOSH I was a bigger fan of The Batman which has also been canceled but that is a shame I haven't seen season 2 yet it hasn't been shown here yet but I am looking forward to seeing Superman X.
  13. OH GOD DON'T DO ZOD AGAIN! He was brilliant in the second film but do a villian from the comics. But please not Lex Luthor leave alone for atleast 1 film. The character has been in all the films but Supes 3, I love Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor he was good but use a new villian. Don't create one that doesn't work either. Superman has so many good villians: Bizarro, Brianiac, Mxylplitz, Doomsday, Metallo, Cyborg Superman just to name a few. I personally want Bizarro I think it would be a good challenge for the writers especially not to include Luthor. Just do something different.
  14. They can't spin off Cleveland. I love the character, I really do but they haven't expanded him enough, he's only had 1 or 2 episodes where he was the central character. Death has had that many episodes. IMO spin offs centered around 1 character from the original show don't work I mean look at Joey, mind you Frasier did work that's true but if they spun off a character it has to be Quagmire, he's brilliant. He even has his own theme song.
  15. I love that show I'd have to say that season 5 is my favourite season, and the circle moments are some of the funniest things i've ever seen. But I can't bring myself to watch season 8 because they lost Eric and Kelso, I just think that loosing 2 main characters at pretty much the same time will just ruin the show for me, but it's hard because Leo came back for season 8 and I love Leo he's brilliant.