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  1. happy birthday roetae! :D

  2. the hobbit and the lord of the ring.
  3. i just started watching it and its great ive seen like 15 or 20 eps and i really like it.
  4. i like rilient K thats it.
  5. being with Q
  6. im pullin for you harry pure guy was a ension for the entyer show :lol: :) :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat:
  7. i am 12
  8. what is ASL
  9. candy corn for me but I like all candy
  10. i think there is 3 data heads see this is what i like to talk about its my birth day
  11. I would and id be proud of it
  12. BEV because if i didint my sister would hit me so bad i would look like this
  13. I have never used a font before
  14. I will watch the food network and star trek VOY TNG AND DS9 and the travel channel my brain is tottly shotung down from to much tv i look like this all the time