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  1. Time for the Weapons Expert (and avid SW reader) to step forward... First, Nowhere is there any indication of ranges for the weapons on the Super Star Destroyer's weapons. Nor is there any set hitting power equivelent for them. What I DO know from reading the Star Wars books is that warships are more than capable of engagingin planetary bombardments from orbit. The Phoenix destroyed a Frieghter at a great range, but...Starfleet ships, as we've seen, do most of their fighting in close. Visual indications during the battle of the Baisan Rift in Nemesis would suggest effective fighting ranges of between 1 kilometer (considered Point Blank range for large warships) out to about 100 Kilometers. Also, directed energy weapons rely on focusing the energy beam very tightly. As range increases, power decreases. While a shot at extreme range may destroy a frieghter, chances are power bleed off is so bad at that range that effective fire against a warship is probably useless. A Super Star Destroyer is generally accepted to be 11,000 meters long, and armed with 250 turbolaser cannons, 250 heavy turbolaser cannons, 250 Ion cannons, and 250 cuncussion missile tubes. The Enterprise E is 685 meters long, and is armed with not less than 14 phaser arrays and 6 torpedo tubes. the Enterprise E is relatively meneuverable, given it's size, but she's not exactly a fighter jet, either. Someone mentioned the A-Wings...the attack by the A-Wings that took down the bridge deflector shields was late in the battle, after Ackbar ordered the fleet to assault it. We have to assume, then, that the Executor was under attack by numerous well-armed cruisers. That kind of fire from multiple angles would strain the shields in such a way that the A-wings might be able to knock out the bridge Deflectors. So, now, let's assume that the two ships did meet in battle, and actually fought. Most sensible Captains would run from a ship more than 11 times your size and armed as well as this thing is, but lets say you've got Captain Crazy running the ship. or me. the Soveriegn class starship opens by firing opening shots at maximum range. at this range, both ships are relatively small targets, but the Enterprise lands a few hits. at that range, the effectiveness and slow rate of fire for the main phasers means little effectiveness. gotta close with the ship to do real damage. So the Captain closes.... Fast Forward... The Enterprise enters ideal firing range, and opens fire with phasers and torpedoes. Problem is, at this range, she's also vulnerable to the fire from the Destroyer. the Destroyer's Captain, unsure of the effect of Ion Cannons against this odd vessel, powers down most of them (keeping a few open for test-shots) and redirects power to shields. While the Enterprise was closing, though, he deployed his fighters, and has them waiting. he brings online his turbolasers and heavy turbolasers, and the cuncussion missile tubes. the Enterprise again fires first. It's Phasers and torpedoes rake the Destroyer's now reinforced shields. the Destroyer's Captain rolls his ship to present an Edge-On profile to the Enterprise (the narrowest profile for the ship) which also brings to bear roughly half of his weapons at this range. the return fire from between 100 and 200 guns, plus missiles, is enormous. the Enterprise is constantly rocked by shield hits. Turbolaser and concussion missile fire bleed off the ship's shields, but Enterprise presses the attack. She slashes over the massive ship's hull, firing downward. the return fire damages the ventral shields, and as Enterprise comes about, the fighters jump. 144 TIE Fighters, Bombers, and Interceptors swarm the ship. while the fighter's weapons aren't individually a serious threat, used in a massive attack, they quickly begin to cause shield damage. TIE Bombers swoop in firing their cuncussion missiles, while TIE Fighters and Interceptors make strafing runs at break-neck speeds. Enterprise is now overwhelmed. While her weapons may have given her a decent chance, against more than 100 individual firing platforms, the ship is overwhelmed. Combat Coordination between the fighters and the Destroyer keeps the Enterprise under constant fire, while she returns fire ineffectively with weapons designed to fight against other large ships. in the end, the Destroyer and it's fighters prove too much. With 750 weapons and over 140 fighters, the Enterprise's shields fail. the Fighters target the weapons systems and other key distinguishable targets, making hit and fade attacks, while the Destroyer rakes the ship with punishing solvos from her main battery guns. Cuncussion Missiles rip open the engineering hull, and turbolaser fire causes the warp core to breach.
  2. If it is true, this guy needs some help...
  3. Hell of a title, huh? No, this has nothing to do with Politics, sorry guys. The New Orleans Saints made some good moves this off-season. Drew Brees has given their offense new life, and their new Rookie is showing some potential. As much as I hated seeing the Packers lose yesterday, I think it's good to see the Saints looking decent again. I think a competitive Saints team could be just what the doctor ordered for the battered city of New Orleans. This team is in possition to possibly start 3-0. Doing this would be wonderful. Doing so at the Superdome, in New Orleans (The first game played there since Hurricane Katrina) and against division rival Atlanta may be just what is needed to kick-start the city's healing process. Professional Football may seem trivial compared to the ongoing struggle to rebuild the Crescent City, but what having a good Saints team could do for the City cannot be measured. For the first time since the hurricane, the City will have something to FEEL GOOD ABOUT. If the Saints make a run for the playoffs, the spirits in New Orleans could soar. They would become a symbol for their city, rising from the hardship. And it would send a message. Like the Patriots winning the Superbowl after 9/11, a strong Saints team will say "Hello, World! We're Back!" Sometimes, it's the seemingly little things that can make all the difference. Dispite being a loyal Packers fan, I must say this, and I do mean it: GO SAINTS!
  4. Lol, Kor. Actually, Krissy's been busier than a...well, no nice analogy there. She's been BUSY.
  5. YBHYR was making a joke. Not sure what happened to Kay Gee's avatar.
  6. "If people can judge me on the company I keep, they would judge me with keeping really good company with Laura."
  7. Thomas -- [adjective]: Extremely extreme! Kinda fits, given what my job is...
  8. The same thing I wear on uniform.
  9. Pre-Win 95 stuff? Talk about dinosaurs... Actually, not too long ago I found my copy of the Oregon Trail. That disk was huge, and it really was floppy!
  10. Nice thing about this babysitting gig is that, since I have this weekend off (Normally I work for Gary at Domahoes), I'm still making money. And this is cash, for more an hour than I make at work...I've been here since like, 9 hours now...let's just say if Gary and Krissy decide to go to breakfast or something, they're gonna be dropping a C-Note to cover me babysitting...
  11. Did you go on the Illinois Veteran's Grant, Trek? I may wait till after I get out of the Army to go to college, take the IVG, and draw the GI bill. IVG pays for a full ride at any approved college in Illinois, and I'd basically get a paycheck with the GI Bill. Cool thing about waiting is that when all the 18 and 19 year olds talk about how "Cool" the stuff was they did in High School, I'll have way better stories to tell.. "This one time, the Battalion was in Germany..." "Yeah, me and some of the other guys were down in Tijuanna..."
  12. Brian Adams would have made a better nemesis! (Hehehe)
  13. Waiting for Nicole to get here.
  14. Old Country, New Country, it's all gravy, baby. Then again, I like most kinds of music, so yeah...