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  1. Yeah I remember that! Wasn't it the episode where they found that race that didn't want to be found and they erased all their memories except Data's and they had to keeping trying....I think it was called "Clues" I think he says it in that episode too but Cpt.. Picard orders him to conceal what he knows. What I'm thinking of is from season 1 or 2 though. He may have also said it in the episode where the little boy emulates him.
  2. No, the question was asking if Ashley Judd is in the movie "Taking Lives"/
  3. I know they have had the character tell lies, but I'm almost sure that there was an early episode that said he was incapable of lying.
  4. Just 1 day? Dude I've got to get you to read the personal logs more often. I decided blonde wasn't me and went back to auburn. Blonde isn't you? Then what's your natural color?
  5. Just 1 day?
  6. What's the question? Is it asking if Ashley Judd is in it?
  7. C_S used to be a Moderator here.
  8. It just seems very strange that they would wait till April 1st to make a big announcement. If it was a big announcement why wait till that day? If might very well be real, but I doubt it.
  9. No, the only time I've used my my user name is when giving my email address out.
  10. A board has been set up for an off topic RPG of Smallville. THat address to that board is: This address leads to the old STARTREKFANS.NET messageboard. If you decide to play the Smallville RPG please only post in the Smallville area.
  11. To find the smaller files of previous episodes check out KaZaa Lite. You'll find every episode of every series there, in many different file sizes.
  12. Null vote here also, want them all to stay.
  13. This is like AA, we use Trek for therapy... ~Stands up~ "My name is Kevin and I'm a Trekkie/Trekker" In fact Amy is the one that says I need therapy for this so everyone send her (luvin1stdegree) a PM and say: Click for Spoiler: :devil: :o :glasses:
  14. My life is chaotic. Trek IS my therapy!!! !!! That's what I tell her... it IS therapy! lol
  15. Use KaZaa Lite, that has the Spyware and Adware removed. Also, Bit Torrent doesn't seem to have anything like this at all. In fact it's completely different from KaZaa. Check out the site and try it, you'll see what I mean.