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  1. I think much of life is all about choice. Our choices determine our world. I liked it because each wrong choice led further into darkness. At any point he could have changed his choice. By going into darkness out of fear he lost everything he cared for.
  2. I still love the show. It is my favorite show. Anyone know why the professor sent the silver K through Lana? At the end did the silver K become part of the professor???
  3. I agree. I think with one's imagination comic books can be larger than life. With the previous Batman movies they tried to make them like a comic book and made them smaller than life. This movie is larger than life.
  4. Just saw it tonight on DVD. IMO, this is by far the best Batman movie. The origins of how he aquired his skills is in the martial arts. His equipment came from his company and is much more believable than that he developed it. The car is the best. The psychological component of the interaction of fear, anger, and guilt was interesting. I rate it a 5/5.
  5. It will be interesting to see another superhero on the show. This show is so creative.
  6. Interesting discussion: here
  7. Tonight's episode was the best I have seen.
  8. I think it all depends on the ratings. They have gone through high school but there is still 4 years of college (at least). They can still do a lot of character and relationship development. We all have our preferences but this is my fav now.
  9. I can try. At the beginning everyone was helping rebuild a house or barn. Clark still no powers. Clark and Lana are in love (much better this time around). Lex says it is a good time to start over and hopes he and Clark can. Meteor freaks break out of the sanitorium (where Lionel is now) with electrical powers. They come after Clark to get him to get some special K drug from Luthor Corp. They hold Clark's parents and Lana hostage while Clark goes with Chloe to try to get the solution. He fails but beats the villains without powers and is a hero anyway. Turns out the entire thing was a setup by Lex to study Clark. Chloe picked up that they were being monitored at Luthor Corp. Clark goes to Lex (Lex is watching Clark on video getting hit with an electrical field). Clark knows Lex was behind it and hits Lex and dares Lex to hit him back. Lex does and Clark is bleeding. Lex looks shocked. Lex appears to have gone completely over to the dark side and it seems their friendship is over forever. How's that? :(
  10. It still is. Season 5 just began. :(
  11. This is by far my favorite ST movie too for many of the reasons above. I also like the humor and the music. The only part that others do not like that I agree with is the joystick. :)
  12. I do not know why more people do not like Insurrection more. It is by far my favorite ST movie. It deals with ethics. It is fun and humorous. It has some spiritual elements in terms of stopping time and what can be found in a single moment of time. The lead female character is so warm, loving, and wise. The only downside for me was the joystick. :(
  13. I know we all have our personal likes and dislikes but I think Smallville is far above any show currently on. Season 5 looks like it is off to a really good start. I wonder how long Clark will be without his powers (no spoilers please)? It looks like Lex has now turned completely to the dark side. :(
  14. BSG is a great new show. Much better than the original. Right now my favorite is Smallville. I also like THRESHOLD and SURFACE.