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  1. Great post! I also think that ENT is one of the best Trek series ever. Btw. I recently rewatched some of the Original series - they messed much more with the timeline as did all of the other series toghether .
  2. Voyager's bridge - not big not small and with good looking seats.
  3. I am from LATVIA!!! (we have the gratest ice-hockey fans in the world !!!)
  4. I realy hope that the spoilers about the photon torpedoes are going to be right, couse now the phase cannons are looking much more powerfull than the torpedoes they have now. Can't wait to see this one !!!
  5. Cool to be here!
  6. went back home to their mummys, who coocked them a...
  7. Outpost
  8. The other tests results: Star Wars: Lando Calrissian Harry Poter: Professor Dumbledore LOTR: Sam The Simpsons: Lisa Simpson Ostin Powers: Vanessa Kensington
  9. Yeah, I've got this one .
  10. As far as I know, every actor before he (she) steps in front of a camera has to sit some time in the mask. Some get only few makeup, but some need it a little bit more and sometimes it's a bit too much and if the episode is in hurry, then noone actualy notices that kind of a flaw (ir it is not too catastrophic) untill it is aired. The same is for posters, you can never tell how the foto will look like on a poster for 100% (99% is maximum).
  11. They all must stay. Infact, maybe a new character should apear, like in other ST series, too.
  12. Wormhole