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  1. I don't intend to die. Hopefully by the time I reach retirement, scientists will have developed a serum that will stop cells from dying. MUAHAHAHAHA
  2. Yeah, it was broadcasted in EVERY country. I taped it. Excellent service, definetly brings meaning to the title "memorial service".
  3. Everyone watch the memorial service? Man, little Bindi is so smart for her age. She's gonna turn out EXACTLY like her dad
  4. I was really quite disgusted with the people in line to get these tickets. They were laughing and cheering, and some people are selling these tickets for over $1000, when they were given away. *shakes head* People make me sick
  5. Man oh man. I'm sick of all these deaths. 1) Steve Irwin 2) Peter Brock (Aussie race care hero) 3) King of Tonga 4) Anna Nicole Smith's son Jesus Christ And that was all with 8 days.
  6. I found this poem:
  7. <--- My hero. Bruce Lee. The best martial artist in the world.
  8. *pats Cara on the back* Excellent wallpaper. It's on my PC now. I'm gonna make it into a wallpaper for my phone and pocket PC. Thanx for the link
  9. Oh god, "Jackass" has spread farther than I thought. :P
  10. woops, soz. Yeah, it was a bit graphic. Yeah, you're right, it's quite sadistic that someone would post it on the net without the families consent. And more so since it's in high definition. This incident really shows that the human race can really fall below the threshold of "inconsiderate"
  11. Hi guys. I haven't been on in MONTHS! Soz, been real busy. Australia was crushed when we found this out. It's like... The whole country stopped. I still can't believe it. After many hours of searching, I've finally found closure. I won't post the link here, but I got my hands on the video of Steve being killed. Man oh man, let me tell ya something, you can always tell a persons personality the instant before their demise. » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « On the clip, you see Irwin swimming above the ray. The ray seems to get aggitated and flips his tail into Irwin's chest. The ray swims away and you see Steve (clear as day) wrestling to get the stinger out of his chest. He was alive for a total of 4 seconds before he died. The very image of Steve struggling in the water to get that bloody thing outa his chest... It really gives the sense of a man bigger than life. We'll miss you Steve.
  13. *dances* *laughs* *cracks open a beer* Good news is always GREAT NEWS!!!! I hope that S.O.B felt the pain he dealt to others right before his black heart failed.