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  1. Direct to DVD sounds like a great idea to me. Providing they get back to the basics of Trek and stop trying to appeal to a mass audience with non-stop action and battle scenes. Boring. Trek has a built-in following for every series. Who among Enterprise fans would not relish a few well-written feature-length "episodes" of Enterprise post-cancellation? I for one would like to see a direct to DVD continuation of DS9 using the relaunch books for stories/new characters. Something like that would never make it on the big screen, but for us Niners DVD direct would be a godsend. The only way Sisko is ever coming out of the Celestial Temple will be on DVD ... and if that's all I can get, I'll take it.
  2. I just saw some stills from the movie "Syriana" and man, I don't remember Alexander Siddig looking that hot on DS9. He is aging extremely well. It looks like he might be the bad guy in this Clooney movie, but have you gotten a load of the CAST? Siddig is rubbing elbows with some pretty heavy hitters and more than a couple of downright amazing actors. You've got Chris Cooper (Oscar winner), Matt Damon (Oscar winner -- best screenplay), William Hurt (Oscar winner), Christopher Plummer ('nuff said), George Clooney (highly underrated as an actor -- I've liked him in everything he's ever done) ... it's just incredible the people that good old Siddig is keeping company with. I'm so proud of little Julian I could just burst!
  3. Sorry, someone brought it up a few posts back and it's definitely one of my hot buttons. I don't care what everyone else believes and I don't care whether they believe what I believe ... My point is that public schools have no business promoting anything religious whatsoever ... whether it is a nation "under God" or "Creationism" as scientific theory or abstinence based on religious beliefs in sex-ed classes. When the right tries to force us all to read the Ten Commandments on public property, accept Creationism as science, push our citizens to pledge their allegiance to a nation "under God" .... that is just wrong. Just as wrong as the left pushing their atheist agenda on the rest of us. However, by eliminating the overtly Christian language from public life, no one is deciding what I must believe .... I feel no pressure to suddenly deny the existence of Christ just because I didn't see the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the courthouse or because "under God" has been removed from the pledge. Just me.
  4. I'm a Christian and I have "faith" in evolution. I believe that evolution and creationism are one and the same because I am educated enough to understand that the men who wrote the Bible were incapable of understanding evolutionary theory, the Big Bang, or whatever else occured. I've come to the decision through much soul-searching that the entire first part of the Old Testament, from Creation to the Flood, is just a huge simplified synopsis. It doesn't matter to me how God did these things, nor how long it may have taken Him to do them. That is not the point of the Bible -- it is not a science textbook and was never intended to be. That being said, I absolutely DO NOT want my public school teaching my child that "creationism" as it is presented in the Book of Genesis is a valid scientific theory. And if my son brings home a Biology text with some sort of sticker disclaimer in the opening flap regarding Creationism, I'm tearing it out. I will not condone the perpetuation of ignorance.
  5. I've seen these little automatons that everyone is so worried about chanting/mumbling/groaning along to the Pledge of Allegiance. I find it highly amusing that anyone thinks these kids really know the words --and if they actually do know the text of the pledge, that anyone thinks they even begin to comprehend what it means. Take out "under God" or leave it in ... it won't make a hoot in heck's worth of difference. These kids don't know what they are saying anyway.
  6. What in the hell are all of these people going to do for jobs after the dust is settled? Everytime you think you've got your mind around this catastrophe you get stopped short by something else.
  7. Are you kidding?!? Of course it was an awesome job. Just be there on the set and being part of the Trek world and get paid for it ... who could ask for anything more?
  8. Galen is just a scream in this episode, as is Nog. And I love the interaction between Quark & Rom at the end of the episode. Rom: "How does it feel to be a hero, brother?" Quark: "It feels good!"
  9. Thomas Riker joined the Maquis, stole the Defiant and gave himself up to save his crew. (Someone else may have to help me with this ... I can't remember the specifics. Did Thomas end up in Cardassian custody, or did he end up dead at the end of that episode?) Yes, Deanna should have hooked up with Thomas Riker. He remained completely devoted to her while Will put his career ahead of her. How many of us would give everything we had to go back in time and get a second chance at happiness with someone like that.
  10. I worry that I've sent my son to school before he was really ready socially to go. I worry that my husband has accepted a promotion and a big raise, but has traded in a job he liked for one he hates.
  11. I'm struggling through some James Rollins novels simply because my father-in-law loved them and loaned them to me. I'm finding them just the same story over and over and very little character development. One called "Sandstorm.", the other called "Ice Hunt." They are supposed to be edge of your seat exciting, but I'm finding them somewhat tiresome. I don't know what is the matter with me .... I've been a voracious reader all my life, but I just can't seem to find any book to really care about. (Other than Harry Potter!) I wish Stephen King would write something else, but so much of his stuff was just so awesome that he'll have a hard time topping anything previous. I'm probably going to have to switch back to non-fiction true crime stuff for a while. A couple of years ago it was O.J. and Lizzie Borden .... then David Koresh and Jim Jones. Maybe I'll go to the library and try to find something about Son of Sam?
  12. ^^It does indeed make sense. More meat on the bone in both scenarios. I couldn't agree with your analogy more.
  13. Episode 6 ... Return of the Jedi .... in the words of comic book store guy on the Simpsons: "Worst episode ever."
  14. Click for Spoiler: Maybe the term "wormhole closed" was a poor choice on my part. Rom's mines did not close the wormhole, they merely barred the gate, so to speak, for the Dominion. So you have female shapeshifter and Weyoun both trapped on the Alpha Quadrant side of the wormhole during the Cardassian/Dominion takeover of DS9. Then Sisko goes into the wormhole, the Prophets intercede at his request, and eliminate the Dominion fleet that is trying to pass through. Now, are you saying that the elimination of the Dominion fleet by the Prophets was a "one-shot deal" and that the wormhole was potentially open to Dominion traffic after the episode "Sacrifice of Angels?" I was always under the impression that Weyoun and the female shapeshifter were trapped on the Alpha Quadrant side in Season 6 and 7. Which is why they were having to manufacture Ketracel White over on this side and breed Alpha Quadrant Jem Hadar .... because there was no way to pass through the wormhole going either way. At least not for the Dominion. Are we to think that little old DS9 was the only thing standing in the way of the Dominion sending reinforcements through the wormhole? Even with Martok on patrol, that was a pretty tall order. I always assumed that the Prophet intervention occuring during "Sacrifice of Angels" was more than just a quick fix for the problem, but a lasting solution provided by the Prophets at the behest of the Emissary. THANK YOU for helping me out with that virus timeline .... infection during "Broken Link" makes it much more plausible: Odo infects the Link during his trial, they kick him out and make him human (thus he's no longer infected), he becomes a changeling again when he finds the infant shapeshifter, then he gets reinfected with the virus when the female shapeshifter oozes back on to the station and links with Odo during the first few eps of season 6. I do wonder, though, why it took so long for the virus to take affect? That's at least a couple of years.
  15. We just finished watching "Treachery, Faith and the Great River" (Season 7). Dark Reality -- please don't read this if you don't want to get "spoiled." Click for Spoiler: This is the episode where we see Weyoun 6 trying to defect from the Dominion. Ultimately he enacts his termination chip to save Odo's life. Also, this is the episode where we first see the female shapeshifter suffering from the effects of the virus Odo passed to her unknowingly after Section 31 infected him at Starfleet Medical. Now -- first question: When did Odo infect the Link? Was it during his trial for killing that shapeshifter, or was it later during the Cardassian/Dominion occupation of DS9 (end of Season 5, beginning of Season 6)? We see the Prophets close the wormhole against the Dominion when Sisko and the gang retake Deep Space Nine at the beginning of Season 6. The female shapeshifter is on the Alpha Quadrant side of the wormhole when this happens. If this is when Odo infects her, how did the Great Link become infected? She does not return to the Great Link after she links with Odo, nor can she after DS9 is back in Federation hands. THE WORMHOLE IS CLOSED. Second, where are the Vorta clones kept prior to their activation? We have Weyoun 5 dying in a transporter accident, then instantly Weyoun 6 is activated. He's "defective" so they activate Weyoun 7. Now we have two Weyouns running around the Alpha Quadrant ... wouldn't the cloning facility for the Vorta have been on the Gamma Quadrant side of the wormhole (which is still closed)? How did Weyoun 6 and 7 get to the Alpha Quadrant? :( Is this a plothole, or did I miss something?