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  1. Anyone else fascinated by the spore drive technology on Discovery? Did you know Stamets, the character in Discovery who discover-invents the tech is based on a real Mycologist named Paul Stamets? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Stamets and check this out... https://www.ted.com/talks/paul_stamets_on_6_ways_mushrooms_can_save_the_world -------------------------------- Clearly something huge will eventually go down on Discovery which sweeps this tech under the rug one way or another, (Section 31? / DTI? / the Mycelium network gets destroyed?) but I am loving every minute of this out of this world sci-fi concept.
  2. They got it specifically for Discovery.
  3. I watch, it's fun.
  4. Yes, I do. And they love it as much as I.
  5. He perhaps never went that far but wasn't for lack of trying. Re-watch his OS episodes again, pay attention to what he WANTED or INTENDED to do verses how far he actually got.
  6. About this episode title, does anyone remember Lethe from TOS episode Dagger Of The Mind... http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Lethe There is speculation around the web Admiral Cornwall might become Lethe. https://www.inverse.com/article/37820-star-trek-discovery-original-series-lethe-corwnell-theory I like the idea. I can image Admiral Cornwall becoming Lethe after the Klingons Mind Sift her, cause her to act against the Federation in some way leading to her eventual internment at the Tantalus Colony. Also about this episode, does anyone else see a possible connection between Micheal and Sarek's mindmeld being a huge part of Sarek's Bendii Syndrome?
  7. I get what you're saying, he did seem more ruthless than we remember him but remember no one was actually permanently dead as a result of his actions. His endgame was to steal the ship and hand it and the crew over to the Klingons all in one piece, a very Harry-esque plan. Is all the times he murdered all those people really murder if no is really dead at the end? Of course but not to Harry, it isn't. The repeating temporary deaths of everyone was just a tool he needed to achieve his goals. My biggest regret for the episode is not getting to hear him say something like, 'Me? A murderer? What murders? There's been no murders. Look around, everyone is alive!"
  8. The Discovery props may be original, probably the same ones toured at CCSD, but TOS bridge is a recreation. I wonder if STC donated or sold them theirs?
  9. Finally, a taste of where this series is going and I am more on board than ever.
  10. Okay. It worked for me but to each their own. on reaching 4,000 posts!
  11. People on many shows today sound to me like they are mumbling so I always keep the CC on not to miss anything. What does 'natural dialogue' mean? Do you mean chit-chat, or shooting the breeze kind of dialogue or, like above, you just couldn't understand her?
  12. ^Kinda harsh given its only been two episodes. TNG, DS9, VOY ENT all had more character development within their pilots? The star here is Burnham and for her to already be imprisoned for life is pretty big development, IMO. :lol: Seriously though, finding out all we did about her backstory really did nothing for you? I think it's at least on par with what we learned about the Mains in the previous series.