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  1. I am also a convert I started watching Star Trek as a kid, and back then I wasn't really into DS9. I loved Voyager (it's probably a good show for kids), I enjoyed some TNG here and there. But DS9 just wasn't my cup of tea. That doesn't mean I didn't watch it from time to time, but it never wowed me. These days I think DS9 is the best Trek they ever made, I guess at 13/14 I just wasn't ready for it. E.g. the Ferengi - I hated them back then. I thought that they were awful. Now I enjoy them immensely, my sense of humour must have changed drastically over the course of a decade. It's so funny to watch an episode that I had already seen at 13 and just compare my feelings and thoughts to those I had back then. And I know the Dominion war is a good storyline and all, but what makes DS9 special to me are the characters, they a multi-faceted, fleshed out - even the secondary characters.
  2. Hmpf, I'm single... And right now, I am okay with that. I treated my last boyfriend really bad, never had time for him and so on. I'm incredibly busy with my studies and I don't think I can afford to go through a relationship like that one again. It wouldn't be fair to the guy either. And I'm already busy balancing my studies, my family and my friends - there is just no time for anything else.
  3. I think that Picard actually speaks English with a British accent and that the Universal Translator only steps in, when someone doesn't speak English at all. I cannot imagine that the Translator would make everyone talk with the same pronounciation... Perhaps all the people on Earth during the 24th century learn English, but it is also possible, that they learn the regional language at home (e.g. French) and have to learn Standard (=English) before going to school, because school and everything official is in English...
  4. Janeway first, Seven of Nine second
  5. Well, in Germany girls are only allowed to join the military since 2002. And so every girl who does join the "Bundeswehr" is considered a weirdo. Which was my main reason not to join the military. My father was, because as a boy you have to serve or you have to work one year in hospitals/kindergardens etc. But I'll think about joining when I will be a qualified physician in a zillion years...
  6. The same as every year. Study hard, be a good girl... Never works, by the way!
  7. Yes, of course. He had a lot of character development and he was able to grow as a person. But actually, don't ask me that question because I named my calculator, my laptop and all of my stuffed animals. :(
  8. Having really good conversations Playing piano Listening to my favourite music Shopping Reading Being with my family Being with my friends Chocolate Going for a walk Having fun with my mum Watching my favourite TV episodes of Trek, Buffy and Angel Visiting churches, castles and museums Eating in general
  9. Waiting for my father to get up because I want to go for a walk...
  10. It depends on the show I guess. I actually don't think that Lost is that interesting and I certainly don't have the patience to watch it every week and wait 4 weeks to have one simple question solved. Do you know "Angel" - the 4th season was very soap opera like with an open end at the end of every single episode. But I liked the series and watched the first 3 seasons and so I watched the 4th season too. So if the series is actually extraordinary and I really love it - I continue watching it. But this was only the case with Angel - normally I prefer series with good single episode stories.
  11. I also think it is Sandra Bullock - she is funnier, the better actress and a lot more "human".
  12. Click For Spoiler Well, I'm sure he's not. That's not JKR's style. Dead means dead.
  13. Click For Spoiler Because I think, that Dumbledore wouldn't want someone to become a killer. To use an unforgivealbe curse. He wouldn't ask for that. That's not Dumbledore's style. And I don't think that Dumbledore would sacrifice himself for Snape and Draco. Dumbledore is good, but he isn't stupid. And I really don't understand, why Snape being evil is such a bad thing. I liked him much better this book, especially in the 2nd chapter. We don't have a childish stupid man any more, we have real good Big Bad with style. I also liked him being the Half-Blood Prince, being more than a Slytherin oddball. Snape being an excellent wizard, having good friends (Narcissa), being rational and funny (2nd chapter) - having other feelings than hatred (loyalty towards the Malfoys), caring about people - even if these people are bad. That was great in this book. I don't think that he becomes 2-dimensional through becoming evil. I find him even more fascinating now. I think that he was at least partly loyal to Dumbledore for a while, but at the end he made his decision - for Voldemort, for his friends. And to be honest: Why should he stay on Dumbledore's site? Everybody hated him in the Order, they hated him as a teacher, he had a good, but not outstanding job... But among the Death Eaters, he is the Prince. The "Dark Lord's favourite", the "most trusted advisor". I cannot blame him for chosing this site. Of course these reasons are very subjective and selfish - and everyone could say, that Snape must be interested in being good. But I think we make a mistake there, growing up among people, who aren't good, spoil people forever. All these Death Eaters; Draco, Snape, Narcissa; they are evil - but they have been victims once. Victims of spoiled families, of old-fashioned views. I don't think, that they have a conscience like "normal" people. And these circumstances - not having a real conscience, not being accepted on the good site, being the "Prince" on the bad site - make it very plausible that Snape made a decision for Voldemort. I still hate Snape for doing it though. :lol:
  14. Click For Spoiler I'm very, very sure, that Snape is really evil. And I also think that R.A.B. ist Regulus (Alphard) Black (Alphard was the name of his uncle, and the second given name is often a name used by relatives). But if it is not Regulus, it's another ex-Death Eater, and I think this will be interesting. And I'm crying for my 2nd favourite character. *cry*