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  1. I will TRY to be there....
  2. Good job, Cara! Not bad for your first time playing.
  3. Woohoo! For once I got to be there for the WHOLE chat!
  4. SAREK!!!!!!!
  5. SPOCK!
  6. Explosions are cool!
  7. Enjoy your vacation, ST.
  8. Endgame! Didn't like DS9's ending. Q being in TNG's ending kinda threw me off Never saw the end of TOS. The Enterprise finale never happened.
  9. There are never restraints available when your ship needs them the most...
  10. LOL! Those are great!
  11. Cute. Kinda funny.
  12. I'm actually in command of two RPG ships. One of them is a Hornet class warship--er, escort--that I named the USS Seleya (as in Mount Seleya on Vulcan, love the irony). The other is a Katana class Klingon assault cruiser called the IKV Battleblade.
  13. I don't watch UPN anymore. The rest of their shows just aren't interesting. Enterprise was the only show on there with any merit and now it's gone so there's no point.
  14. I've heard many rumors about Star Trek XI...and the only one that holds any water is the Romulan War plot. That's something a lot of us would like to see done. We never got to see a lot of the Rihannsu (Romulan) people, and the war would be a good way to explore their early relations with the Federation.
  15. Why do so many people hate The Final Frontier??? I like it..a lot. It's an exploration of who we are, what we're searching for. And it was funny too! Classic Spock humor.