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  1. No I don't hate it. I found it to be entertaining and saw that it was beautifully made with great production quality. I just wish that it was set in the 25th century and that the species they were dealing with were not Klingons.
  2. I...didn't hate the pilot but there was just too many differences with established canon. So the Klingons of TOS and later series are still canon right? Does Bellana Torres mother looks like these new Klingon's now? The tech... I think it's too advanced for the 2250's era. The bridge looks just as or more advanced than Enterprise E's 120 years later. I didn't think that the sets should look exactly like a 50 yo set but perhaps they could have come half way? The uniforms? So I guess the uniforms worn in The Cage are not canon anymore?
  3. They have done a great job on these.
  4. Three times. His makeup came a long way form the end of DS9 and Season 1 of TNG.
  5. I'm glad he thought the experience was rewarding.
  6. I saw it on nick at first. Nick is crappy compared to those days.
  7. Apparently some fans can't distinguish reality from fantasy.
  8. I liked Meyer's work on II and VI. He added a retro look that I liked.
  9. I didn't like the Tripp/T'Pol relationship or the way she handled her drug problem. She darned near destroyed the ship.
  10. I think he would like to have kids in the since that if he doesn't he will be the last Picard.
  11. I love those commercials.
  12. I agree totally.
  13. I would prefer a runabout, it includes more options such as a transporter and replicator.
  14. It depends on what one means on par. The Federation had to really makes some advances and adaptations in order to stand a chance against the Dominion.
  15. I agree the best of both worlds.
  16. I don't fully agree with Spiner. Berman was great with TNG and DS9 but somewhere along the way he started to think ST fans would accept anything called or related to Star Trek, canon and meaningful stories be damned. That's why Enterprise did not do as well imo.
  17. Originally only the episodes (Enterprise?)and movies were canon. It makes thing easier on them from a writing standpoint. The same crap is going on in the Star Wars universe too.
  18. Yeah I saw this a while back. I wonder how the phase 2 series would have turned out. Star Trek with out Spock?
  19. I was saddened to hear of this. I know generations pass away but it's hard to see them go.
  20. Star Trek 2.o was most annoying.
  21. One of my favoritesis "Sarek".
  22. That is sick....
  23. Very well made episode. Apparently Kodo's daughter inherited some of his madness.
  24. I agree totally. When that big movie career didn't take off it must have made her a little desparate. The plot device did not annoy me but I thought we could have gone into Sela's background a little more.
  25. Wow the Scif channerl will be watchable on more days than just Fridays now!