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  1. There was one episode that he was going to get promoted but he lost the promotion by not obeyign Capt. Janeways orders. So that why he spent 7 years as ensign.
  2. Ok I remember there wsa an episode of Voyager...were Lt. Commander Tuvok made a training program in the holodeck. He made the starfleet people do an execise on what would happen if the Maquis tried to take over Voayger. So then B'Elanna was a ensign in the starfleet crew, so I got confussed too. So then she follows the Maquis. So the program is a training progam to see if the starfleet crew will follow the the Maquis!!!
  3. I think he doesnt even wayanything because he's a hologram!! Well thats what I think!!!