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  1. the vulcans' past? I really want to learn more about it. Especially during Surak's time and when he fought the romulans. Do you know what I mean? I just got a clue in the Enterprise episode, "the forge" that Surak fought against other vulcans under the raptor's flag(I had a feeling it would be the romulans) or something like that.
  2. desktop theme? please respond. I dont know which theme I should get.
  3. that has alot of action packed and great story?
  4. star trek Library(Databanks)? A website that shows the chart of timeline,ships,equipments, and many other stuff. A official one. please respond thanks
  5. Thanks, that was a great website
  6. the romulan war? please show me a link. thanks
  7. I live in Florida,U.S. Thanks for trying to help
  8. Star Trek:Enterprise come on TV again on Saturdays?
  9. Did I remember somewhere online, that UPN mentions that Enterprise comes on 9:00 pm from now on?
  10. Hi I rated it 8, it was a ok episode. Not really a exciting episode. I hope the next episode will be.
  11. I think it's Brilliant Story Telling.
  12. I used to love transformers but not anymore because of Beast machines,RID,and Armada. I did love The orginal Transformers and Beast Wars.I miss these old days. Yes, I have heard about the movie. It better be good. If it is good, I'll see the movie. I used to collect toys but not anymore.If you know any information about it please tell me.Thanks
  13. I just joined there. maybe you can tell me advice.Thanks. Have you been in NJROTC?Did you like it?
  14. just curious, what's a section 31?