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  1. Did our beloved Voyager Chakotayactually said that? When? Where? damn... :)
  2. *cuffs lightly* quiet you
  3. Congrats Kevin! If anything, I know you would never manipulate your post count
  4. Hmm, how very logical...
  5. Saavik for me thanks, Crumpet?
  6. Uhh, I never said it was an stupid idea...I just said I dislike B4.
  7. Hope this is allright...if not, please pm me. Dont wanna get in trouble for reading the rules wrong... Located in the Task Force 127, the Spartans are proud to introduce an small but resilient crew against unsumountable odds, the defiant class Carpathia!. Starring Jonah Sagittarius, who has an shady past, loves cake and sexy holographic AIs and Libra as the sexy AI. Also starring Jack Arbrey, the man Jonah likes to push buttons knowing full well that Jack wont get mad easily. Mickey Renee Paris who is named after an well known earth mouse. Alex Starling, the man born in space on a cargo frieghter, (how cool is that?) Neala Shea, our Trill Chief Medical officer able and ready to heal members. And finally Wolf RavenHammer, a born warrior from a different time where future swords and shields were made possible. The man who falls for the sexy AI, Libra, and seems to somehow cross swords with the crew, and Jonah most of all!. Don't miss the action and free cake! Missing the action doesnt entail for you to not join, cause if you join, you will be a part of the action for sure! Not valid in Telos or Alpha Fleet... The following positions are open for adventurers old and new: Chief Intellience Chief Science Assistant Chief Medical Assistant Chief Engineer And other positions you might be intrested! Feel free to look about the Carpathia if you follow this link Also! New website update, free for ALL members within Siren-fleet if they want to come and hang out! Join now and dont miss the action!
  8. They were exterminated by the Klingons. However, when the Defiant went back in time on DS9, they brought a bunch of them back, see the episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" Oh yeah, I forgot that part. I gotta see that episode...
  9. Isnt it funny we only see the Tribbles on TOS and TAS, and no where else in TNG, DS9, VOY and especially ENT? Weird... I heard a rumor that Tribbles were extinct, so if they are in the later shows, then they must not have been discovered yet in Enterprise...
  10. Ooh yeah...a younger, hotter Data! I'd've been down with that! Shoot--they could've come with an entirely new android. I understand that Soong was some uber-genius, but I think by now they would've learned to make more Soong-type androids. I mean, c'mon y'all! Actually B-four was the only one created and available...and I hate him. Why? Cause now Picard would have to start all over again in training B-four to be human like he did with Data. And no, I still havent recovered from the ending of ST Nemisis...
  11. I dont believe supervillians many movies with villians in it show us. So who knows, Soran might still be around and waiting for an writer to bring him back from the dead. He might even be in your closet...or under your bed. So check those before you go
  12. Its an REMAKE REMAKE remake remake.....*echo echo echo echo* err *ahem* Hmm...Most anicipated trek sequel and Im not even feeling anything. I must be stone cold... Then again, Enterprise and ST Nemisis numbed me beyond help...
  13. Would make for an touching movie if Trip was an clone. Now imagine if Phlox was the clone...dun dun dun But, if Trip was a Clone...and I think clones have such short lifespans cause no one seems to have perfect technology back then in pre-Kirk era...
  14. Maybe Archer went back in time and destroyed their homeplanet?
  15. Maybe its not just the fact starfleet is more about humans. Maybe its got to do with budgeting and cutbacks due to tons of random alien costumes they had in their closet? As for not seeing much andorians in DS9, They had too much cardassians, Bajorians, and Klingons that they couldnt do Andorians. Maybe...