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  1. JHMO? Is that supposed to be an I instead of a J and shouldn't H and M be switched (for Just My Humble Opinion or In My Humble Opinion)? I'm not trying to embarass you, its just I've never seen that version of that acronym before. 324144[/snapback] Ya JMHO messed it up LOL
  2. I did not like the EP at all very disappointing and the final insult that B&B could give Enterprise. JHMO
  3. Well here is my two cents worth. I am a DAV if you want to go into the service I suggest first thinking of what you want to do for a living afterward then see what the service can do to help you. just remember when looking at that future one mistake by you or someone else can shatter what ever dreams you may have.the VA does not pay that much so it is not easy if you become disabled. I believe that the service is a good choice if you look at all your options first and then make your decision. for instance if you want to work with computers after the service your best choice is either the Navy or Air Force. You did say it is for the money in the Navy's Sub service you can make more than you would in combat. If you decide to join you do have my thanks for defending our country if not you have my support in that also. just remember you do not have to serve to be a patriot.
  4. I know where you are coming from but take it from someone that has found out that a girl he really liked and actually had allot in common with that by not asking you may regret it later I know I do. I found out this girl really liked me but I was to shy to say anything until it was to late. you have to bite the bullet and ask the worst that can happen is she says no. give it a shot