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  1. this is Different then W.A.Y.E.R.N. what did you eat for dinner? I had Taco Salads! :lol:
  2. It introduced me to Startrek i 1st watched it on Nick where did everyone see it 1st and what was your fav. episode
  3. simple post a funny pic in this thread, 3 rules Rule 1- only one pic @ a time Rule 2- no back to back posts Rule 3 - please try to follow the Forums rule and avoid posting inappropriate pics Ready and go!
  4. By ADAM GOLDMAN, Associated Press Writer Fri Jul 4, 2:38 PM ET NEW YORK - Joey Chestnut reclaimed the top spot at the annual hot dog eating contest in Coney Island on Friday after first tying with archrival Takeru Kobayashi in a 10-minute chow-down and then beating him in a five-dog eat-off. The men tied at 59 frankfurters in 10 minutes, before being made to gobble another five dogs in a last-minute tiebreaker. They consumed 64 hot dogs total and were looking quite peaked after the competition. Kobayashi had hoped to reclaim the throne after a disappointing three-dog loss last year shattered his six-year winning streak. "He wanted it, but I needed it," Chestnut said of his diminutive Japanese rival. Thousands gathered at Coney Island on the Fourth of July to watch the glutinous gladiators compete in the annual event. Chestnut emerged victorious for the second year in a row, beating 20 others who had only 10 minutes to scarf down as many hot dogs as possible, two minutes less than in previous years. The regulation time was changed after it was revealed that the original competition in 1916 was just 10 minutes long, instead of the 12-minute limit used in more recent years. The switch made for a tense competition. Chestnut quickly pulled ahead, with cheeks puffed as he crammed hot dogs into his mouth. At one point, the 24-year-old Californian led Kobayashi 14 to 11. Kobayashi fell to third place, but ate his way back and the two went dog-to-dog in the final stretch. After a frankfurter photo-finish, the judges decided it was a tie. Richard Shea, one of the founders of the International Federation of Competitive Eating, said it was the first time in his memory the contest went into overtime. As usual, Kobayashi's strategy was to eat all the dogs first, then dunk the buns and eat them. A pause while swallowing the soggy buns meant defeat. "He should've won it, it was his to win," said judge Gersh Kuntzman said of the diminutive 30-year-old of Nagano, Japan. The 128-pound legend in the competitive eating circuit told Brooklyn papers that he wasn't feeling 100 percent, and while he was improving, the tooth problem and sore jaw that hampered last year's performance were still something of a problem. "If I put one more mouthful in, I could've won (in regulation)," Kobayashi said through a translator. Their competitors also included a pizza cook from New York City, a fishmonger from Chicago and a 110-pound mother of two from Maryland. Chestnut, who topped out at 210 pounds, downplayed his win, which includes $10,000 and the coveted mustard-yellow belt. "It was crazy. I'm just a normal guy eating hot dogs on the Fourth," he said. "You can't overcomplicate it." Chestnut said he was mentally prepared to eat 70, but his body was pushing back during the competition; it didn't want to swallow fast enough. And it shouldn't want to. In fact, it's downright bad for your health, says Dr. Marc Siegel, a professor at New York University School of Medicine. "Hot dogs are extremely unhealthy, especially when eaten at high volume," he said. "They're really processed, they have high cholesterol and too much salt." And thanks to the quantities the competitors ate, they'll likely suffer nausea, bloat, headache, and possibly high blood pressure for several days as the body slowly digests the food. "One is bad for you, five's worse and 50 is terrible," he said. Luckily for the svelte first and second-place winners, being in better shape helps in digesting the food. And any gastrointestinal woes won't deter Kobayashi. He says he'll be back for a rematch next year. Before that, the two will face off again at the Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship Sept. 28 in Chattanooga, Tenn.
  5. I found this looking up some Star trek References on another Site So what do you think, do you think he is a Cyborg, maybe this is why he had a strong connection with Data?
  6. you know how there are nation wide Pizza places in the States (Domions, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Cici's, ETC.) and there are your local ones in your city owned by private citizens, why arent there any nation wide Chinese food franchises, this I have been wondering for a while
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  8. Ok just curious, I was not around when tos was on its 1st run, nor can I rember a time before the Star Trek Movies, but my question for the older fans here what were your feelngs when you saw The Motion picture and the Refit of the Enterprise, did you like it or was the change too radical for your liking, now for me and I'm a TNGer Generation, but grew up watching TOS on reruns, and I did not like the movie Versions of the Refit Enterprise compared to the TV Series, but I did like the set for the Enterprise-A better then both of them, just wondered on everyone else opinion
  9. After hitting 50 pages in part II time to start a new forum and this one will include TNA thats why its Wrestling Part II BTW Today in History 1996 - Tommy Rich defeated Jerry Lawler for the USWA Southern Heavyweight title
  10. I always liked the Lego Star War Games, I think a Lego Star Trek game would be fun, Whos with me give me a Hell yeah LOL
  11. Paint it Black- Rolling Stones
  12. I think for one it needs to be on syndication and avoid the CW! now I always enjoyed the mirror universe episodes, why dont they make a series about that, a group of Federation crew members trapped in the Alternate (evil) universe trying to change it and get back to theirs, I think a series like this could be as good as what DS9 is and it can show a darker side to trek that is needed IMO
  13. Just wondering! BTW when did the whole body was fad come into place, it used to be all soap, anyway just wondering
  14. does anyone in here feel like doing a Fantasy football League for the group? I am one for money with my dad down here with his co-workers, but I am thinking of doing a Fantasy football league for us, maybe through Yahoo most likely and maybe an administrator can put one of those cool logos in the winners profile like they do with Trivia and stuff, anyway if anybody is intrested PM me or post it in here, and once I get @ least 4 intrested I will get the league rolling Might do a Live draft on but if you cant be online for the Live Draft you can prerank your players on who you want to pick
  15. ya'll still got time to join
  16. cool thanks for the info, Ghosthunters can wait
  17. King of the Hill
  18. OK watching Raw tonite makes me wonder Cena isnt the Champion so why is he still main eventing the show, and the main event was horrible, they DQed JBL's team for breaking up a submission move, how lame was that, it happens in every tag yeam match, I guess Vince didnt want the Golden boy Cena to have to Job, the rest of what I saw on Raw was great, but as long as Cena is headlining the show, its gonna be lackluster, the CM Punk, Kane, Batista anglethen Y2j/HBK should be headlining isntead of Cena nad cryme Ty,e, WTF WWE I mean my expectations for them arent very high anymore but with this crap headlining Raw, WWE needs new writers and Soon and badly
  19. TNG on Sci Fi
  20. IBC Rootbeer
  21. Lemon-lime pop, its some knockloff brand not 7up
  22. its not that funny when its said to somebody that has suffered 2 strokes due to his Lupus
  23. hmmm 1. my NES 2. my Atari 2600 3. GI Joe's The real American Hero 4. Matchbox/hotwheels/micromachines 5. slip & slide/crocidle mile
  24. IDK but he was built the same way as Ken, it was creepy, I blew him up with a m80