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  1. ya'll still got time to join
  2. cool thanks for the info, Ghosthunters can wait
  3. King of the Hill
  4. OK watching Raw tonite makes me wonder Cena isnt the Champion so why is he still main eventing the show, and the main event was horrible, they DQed JBL's team for breaking up a submission move, how lame was that, it happens in every tag yeam match, I guess Vince didnt want the Golden boy Cena to have to Job, the rest of what I saw on Raw was great, but as long as Cena is headlining the show, its gonna be lackluster, the CM Punk, Kane, Batista anglethen Y2j/HBK should be headlining isntead of Cena nad cryme Ty,e, WTF WWE I mean my expectations for them arent very high anymore but with this crap headlining Raw, WWE needs new writers and Soon and badly
  5. TNG on Sci Fi
  6. IBC Rootbeer
  7. Lemon-lime pop, its some knockloff brand not 7up
  8. its not that funny when its said to somebody that has suffered 2 strokes due to his Lupus
  9. IDK but he was built the same way as Ken, it was creepy, I blew him up with a m80
  10. I just realized how we abbreviate the group STF, its really close to STFU! We all know what that means
  11. I had a talking KnightRider car that came with Micheal Knight, but he looked strangely like my friends Brooke's Ken doll, which really made me confused
  12. big shock you had a blow up doll
  13. I dont consider it really a toy but Wiffle ball games were big in my neighborhood growing up we even had an organized league one of my friends older brother help to manage it
  14. I should add to my list honorable mention, my Knight Rider Big Wheel I was really into Knight Rider as a Kid and got to sit in KITT @ my mall