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  1. Nice Pics, Great Actor!
  2. I hope not...! Its a nice ship!
  3. Good for brent!
  4. Thats really cool!
  5. A great show.....
  6. It would be cool if they did, though.
  7. No Doctor...!
  8. Gold!
  9. I wonder, maybe
  10. Sorry If I Disturbed anyone.... 312108[/snapback] Sorry I ment "Upset"........
  11. Sorry If I Disturbed anyone....
  12. Just kidding, I was testing a theory!
  13. The Powers That be-TPTB. 246168[/snapback] they're's always the official star trek fan club you can join. 246327[/snapback] I've had some of the same thoughts. I"ve been a fan since 1986 and my enthusiasm for the whole franchise is at a low ebb right now. Maybe my tastes have changed or perhaps I dont quite believe in Roddenberry's vision of a great future? It's a nice vision but is it a pratical one? Enterprise is really a victim of it's time. TV has changed a bit since the debut of STNG and I dont think it's for the best. I think ENT still has promise but I think (I know many disagree) that certain technical/continuity gaffs and certian plotlines (T'pol and Trip) have turned a lot of old time fans off. I'm still watching and hoping but my attraction to Star Trek is not what it was in the late 80's. 246493[/snapback] You watched 2 whole episodes before declaring Enterprise rubbish? I would think that perhaps a few more viewings would be required before making such a declaration. Have you seen any of the episodes from this season? There is still time. Give it a try and see if you don't change your mind. I at least watched 5 episodes of the new Battlestar:Galactica before I declared it rubbish. 311999[/snapback] None of this is real! Muahhahaha! :lol:
  14. I remember now!