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  1. Thank you. I believe I worked a couple of days on this one. The most work was getting all the scenes in sync with the music. Because I had my summerholiday, I had plenty of time to put into it on one day, therefore I was quick in finishing the music video.
  2. It has been over 3 years, but here it is :) A new DS9 Tribute (my 6th) called "Time of our lives" It's all about the experiences at and around deep space nine. A character focussed music video with the music from Paul van Dyk. Hope you enjoy it Watch: Watch and Download: here
  3. Hi all, It's has been a while, but here's my first music video of 2010. A tribute to the one and only Captain Kirk. Captain Kirk is dying and looking back to his life. He knows it was good and can die peacefully. Hope you enjoy Download: here Watch:
  4. Thank you :) Not all music I use is also my taste in music. Most of the time I choose it because it fits with what I have in mind.
  5. I've bought a new Server for my Star Trek Website :) :)
  6. Thank you! Unfortunately is my Youtube account disabled/removed. By clicking on the download link you go to my website, where you can download the music video.
  7. Hi all, For the fourth time this year I've created a Star Trek Music Video. Before now I created a new topic for every music video, now I'll use this topic every time. You can also discuss older music videos created by me, here. The newest music videos I've created is about the latest Star Trek Movie and is called "We Weren't Born to Follow". It's my opinion that this latest song of Bon Jovi fits perfectly for the latest movie. I hope you can enjoy this music video. Download at: here Watch: here
  8. Again I've created a new music video. Hopefully you like this one more than the one I created before. Subject of this music video is the wild west. That's why I used music from Ennio Morricone - Theme from the good, the bad and the ugly. You can find scenes from TOS, TNG and ENT. If you look good, you can even find some DS9. In star trek these episode were a tribute to the western movies. This is a tribute to Star Trek Western. Let me know what you think of it. Your opinion is appreciated. Watch Download
  9. Hey all, It has been a while but finally it's there, a new music video. It's a TNG Tribute which is comparable with my 2nd DS9 Tribute In Caelum Fero. It's a high pace music video going forward and back . The song Waterfall from Atlantic Ocean is used for this tribute. It was rather difficult to create this music video. Not only timing, but also finding the right scenes. Let me know what you think of it. Watch Download
  10. Hello all, Yet again I've created a new music video. It's named "kind of wonderful" after the song from Grand Funk Railroad "some kind of wonderful". The music video is about woman of star trek and the "love" relationships between them and man. Let me know what you think about it. download: here watch: here
  11. before this music video I also created a ds9 music video
  12. Well I like all soundtracks. I must say this song of Kenny G. sounds a lot like the whale song from ST IV.
  13. Thank you. Both of you I've watched all ready a lot of the movies, by just creating this music video. I want to go back to those days, but unfortunately. that's not possible (yet ). You can also download the video. That way, you can watch it also offline
  14. Hello all, I've made a new music video. It's called "The Moment". Why, because I used a song from Kenny G. which is called that way. This song was also used at the 30th anniversary of Star Trek. I've used images from all movies and even a little bit from Star Trek XI. If you do like the music video please let me know. My goal was to let people get the desire to watch all those movies again. You can watch the music video here You can download the music video here
  15. Hello all, I've created a new music video. I'm really proud of it, because it was very difficult to get the right scenes on the right time. I hope you'll enjoy it. It's about the Dominion war, but not as most Dominion war music videos are. I tried to be different and also added some personal combat and sadness. Your opinion is very welcome. Download here Watch here