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  1. I don't feel really sorry for the kid. He'll be pampered all his life, and he gets to live in a world people only dream of. Also, his mother is not a big enough star so if he wants, he can basically disappear from the face of the earth. I think that Britney Spears has seemed more responsible since she has become pregnant. She also doesn't care about self-image. Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, doesn't want to have kids because it will ruin her body. She wants to adopt. Not that there is anything wrong with adopting, but choosing adopting over natural childbirth because she doesn't want to ruin her newly toned bod? That's kinda crazy. I don't really listen to Britney Spear's music, but I have seen and read things. Maybe she won't make a comeback, and maybe that will be the best for her life.
  2. This is an incredibly great movie and I encourage people to see it! I love all of Hayao Miyazaki's works.
  3. I've always found the Dukes of Hazzard to be incredibly racist and very offensive. I mean, they drive around in a car with a confederate flag on the top. I think that is as bad as having a swastika on the top of a car, calling it "The Adolf Hitler". Also, I find that Jessica Simpson has almost no acting talent and no charisma. That's my opinion at least. It's only an opinion, too. You all are free to think what you like.
  4. Love it! My favorites are Fushigi Yuugi, Armitage, and Ghost in the Shell. I have actually never seen the ones you listed. :P
  5. It is a great human interest epsiode. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  6. He looks an awful lot like Christopher Reeve. :P
  7. I loved the Animatrix.
  8. You'd be surprised if Bruce let you go see "Little Women"?
  9. No! You can't go! If you go, I'll be all alone.......... *cries* Ah well, if Diana goes, then I can finally watch "Little Women"! Those Amazonians don't like to watch anything without blood and gore, right, Diana?
  10. I know! I seriously don't think so......., Cassandra acts like she is ten years older than she should be.... Dinah acts younger..................... hmmm........... Donna. Donna ALWAYS acted her age. I'm seriously gonna give Huntress a virtual butt kicking.
  11. *sigh* Huntress is having a COW. I just can't handle it anymore................................................ :P :P :P
  12. Yeah, he would, but how else do I get my laughs, I tell ya. Wally? Last I heard he was MARRIED. I hope Linda hasn't seen you with him.
  13. I mean, but what would you do if I went out with Batman? I actually don't think youwould EVER hit me. Or anybody totally *hinthintwinkwink* innocent, kay? And guns ARE bad. And shut up Superman.
  14. Hey, do they have to be REAL people?