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  1. I appreciate the fact that Data sacrificed himself for his captain and his ship. But I wish to high heaven they hadn't done it. His journey was/is so integral to TNG. He was always looking to be more human, never realizing that he pretty much already was. Sad really. But, it is science fiction. As Spock was fond of saying, "there are always possibilities."
  2. I honestly don't know. I mean him no ill will, I think that he is still a powerful figure and one that should continue w/ his own book. I would guess he'll go to the stars. Someone needs to rebuild the Corps, don't you think?
  3. I loved Generations. It was a transitional piece all and all, but it was a great movie in my book. I have to admit that I was really surprised to see Lursa and B'Etor get offed. They had become a fun fixture in the whole TNG world. You knew that whenever the two of them turned up trouble was afoot.
  4. I would highly recommend that you pick up "Rebirth" as it cleans up Hal's tarnished reputation. Truth be told, I held him up to such high esteem that the whole "crazy as a loon" bit was difficult to swallow. As for Batman Beyond? That whole show was pretty dark. Real good, but dark. And that whole "Return of Joker" was as dark as it gets. If you haven't seen it, I would recommend that you check out "Mask of the Phantasm." That was a great movie IMHO.
  5. I loved the Justice League! And yes, the show is very epic. I loved the theme music for the show. That piece hit the nail right on it's head. Very powerful music if you ask me. I've only seen a few episodes of Justice League Unlimited and liked what I saw. Personally, the best cartoon version of a comics character is still Batman, The Animated Series. I know that it was viewed by kids, but I got the impression that it was really made for us "older" kids. It was dark, moody and sometimes violent. It was very much in keeping with the whole Dark Knight mythos.
  6. Hey Chi... Sorry that I didn't respond earlier. I've been off the board for some time. I have to admit that I am a Hal Jordan fan from way back. But, I read the early Kyle Rayner stories and thought they were pretty good. I like that he's part hispanic as I am hispanic. His current 'look' is pretty neat too, with the glowing lantern emblem on his chest. Neat stuff. Have you been reading the "Rebirth" story line?
  7. In my opinion, it wasn't entirely UPN's fault that the show died. Believe me, their inept marketing and promotion (or lack thereof...) did nothing to help Enterprise. However, a lot of the blame should go directly to Berman & Braga. It was under their stewardship that the show began to suffer. I won't deny that Berman did well with TNG & DS9, but the two of them were not doing anything really creative or ground breaking with Enterprise. It's as if the creative spark left the building and didn't come back until Manny Coto, along with the Stevens, came on board this season. I think if Coto had been on board earlier on, we would not be here talking about the demise of this show. That's my opinion anyway...
  8. Well King, I choose to hope that this show can be saved. Stranger things have happened. "There are always possibilities..." as Mr. Spock was fond of saying.
  9. I thought "All Good Things..." was exceptional, and the ending was more than appropriate and heartwarming. As mj indicated, this showed us a new facet of Picard. One that had not really been explored during the course of the show. I also liked how the crew reacted to his appearance at the poker table. The crew looked surprised to see him there. Even more so, when Troi told him that he was always welcome. In an odd, and admittedly very 'fan boy' way, I thought she was telling us all that we had always been welcomed. All in all, it is easily one of my favorite shows in the TNG pantheon. And may I add, Q was in top form. By the time the finale ended, I felt a genuine sadness that this show would not be in production again. Truth be told, I still feel that way whenever I watch this episode.
  10. Well friends... have you seen this one? I just read this on "Enterprise" To Get Spiked? I don't know about you, but at this point I would watch HGTV if they were putting on a new season of Enterprise!
  11. If I had a say in all this... I would hope it's Clive Owen. I remember when I saw "The Driver" film shorts for BMW a couple of years back. I thought then that he would make an impressive Bond. Hugh Jackman's cool. Not too wild about McMahon. I just can't see him doing it.
  12. I voted for The Motion Picture because it had so many great variations on "THE" theme. Also, because it had that great Klingon theme. Oh! And let's not forget that great variation when Kirk and Scotty take the tour around the refurbished Enterprise. Awesome... But I have to say that I really loved the opening theme for First Contact and the End Credits theme variation from Generations. Both are very sweeping and emotional. I get goose flesh when I have it blaring out on the stereo.
  13. Joel or Mike??? I started watching the show with Joel. Mike was cool, but I really missed Joel. I kinda started to lose interest when Dr. Clayton Forester moved on... it wasn't the same for me. His departure also changed Tom Servo's personality since he was the actor who performed him. I kept watching, but not as regularly.
  14. "Manos..." IS the worst movie ever made. But it has to be one of my most favorite MST3K episodes ever. We used to sit and watch it in college and would groan out loud how bad this movie was. I loved the bit when Joel comes out with a copy of that high priest shroud with the 70's style bare feet on either side. It still makes me grin when I think of it. And let's not forget the score by the UTEP jazz band :) .
  15. Shran as a crew member??? I love it! SHRAN IS THE MAN! Sorry, huge Shran fan here. Where did this come from? I had no idea that they were thinking of making him a crew member. I love these ideas. I only hope we do have another season to explore all of these possibilities.