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  1. Star Trek: Lexington is now undergoing a period of re-organization prior to production. We're now looking for both experienced and up-and-coming producers and directors, along with various other production positions, to fill prior to production of the series pilot "It's All in the Appearances". It is our hope and intention to be filming by mid-July of 2005, depending on how quickly we can fill the critical producer and director positions listed below. The open positions are: 1. Co-Producer (1 of 2 positions open)* 2. Line Producer (1 of 1 position open) 3. Director (1 of 1 position open) 4. Production Manager (1 of 1 position open) 5. Make-up Artist (0 of 1 position open) 6. Assistant Director (1 of 2 positions open) 7. Continuity Person (1 of 1 position open) 8. Visual Effects Director (0 of 1 position open)* 9. Director of Cinematography (1 of 1 position open) 10. Camera Operator (2 of 4 positions open) 11. Unit Production Manager (1 of 1 position open) 12. FX Coordinator (1 of 1 position open) 13. CGI Animators (3 of 6 positions open)* 14. CGI Modeler (2 of 5 positions open)* 15. Graphic Artist (3 of 5 positions open)* 16. Unit Publicist (2 of 2 positions open)* 17. Editors (1 of 5 positions open)* * Candidates for this position do not have to be from Columbus, Ohio. We are also looking to fill the following acting positions as soon as possible: 1. Commander Angelica McKnight (1 of 1 position open) We will be having a complete organizational meeting with all production staff in Columbus, Ohio sometime in June with filming to commence in early to mid July (release date TBD). We are looking at filming for about 16-18 weeks, mostly on weekends and any other free time we can get together. If you are interested in joining our project, please e-mail Joey at either Hope to hear from you soon! Joey Co-Executive Producer, Star Trek: Lexington
  2. We are now looking to fill the following positions: 26 February 2005: Lt. Comm. Saavik Lt. Comm. Jason Lee 3d / CGI animators (2-3 more needed) Uniform makers Costume designers / makers Set construction & designers Makeup artists On-set extras Principal photography is to begin in April-May of 2005 on weekends. If you are interested, please e-mail me at Hope to hear from you soon!
  3. I think I know the answer but I want to ask others too... which class does the refit Enterprise belongs to: Enterprise or Constitution? And why do you think so? Joey
  4. Try this... Click here! You gotta love it! 305338[/snapback] That is COOL!!!!
  5. I loved the part where the beat up Enterprise beat the ever-loving snot out of the Reliant at the end of the movie! I always think of Rocky when I see that scene. But this is my all-time favorite film... I can't pick just one scene! :jem'hadar:
  6. Here's the new Lexington series news site... updated weekly with open cast and crew positions!
  7. I think the franchise is far from dead but it does need a bit of a break- like about a year or so. I think that the exec producers need to listen to the fans and deliver what WE want- not what the studio THINKS THEY want! I'll admit that I didn't get to see the final season of Enterprise, but I hear it was a lot better than the third one. My only issue with the series is while making a prequel, they were trying to TNG-fy it too much with too many obvious homages to TNG. When I heard the old Defiant is coming back, I knew the series was coming around... When ST makes it's TV / Movie comeback, see a big change in staff. Until then, it'll be up to the Internet and the fan fiction/film people to keep the spirit alive. I know I'll hold up my end of that deal... <_<
  8. I'm also sorry to see Enterprise go. I was looking forward to seeing the Romulan Wars and the formation of the Federation. Looks like the fan fiction and fan films people and sites are going to have their chance now...
  9. Using the USN as a base, I think they would have raised the Klingon ship to learn from her. Would they have used the design and cloaking device? I highly doubt it. The Navy didn't learn much from the Golf they lifted off the Pacific basin in the 1970's and I don't think they incorporated anything from that boat into the ours. When Starfleet raised the Klingon ship, that had a lot of intelligence value. Not much practical value. Just my own opinion... :lol:
  11. I had to go with ST II on this one... I'm a TOS fan ever since I was a kid and I don't wanna mess with Kirk! :lol: LOL!
  12. I've been writing fan fiction for about 20 years now and I'm now going to get a chance to create a pilot episode for it! We're now in pre-production with a rough draft already written. We're needing the following Actors (Voice and actual) Production staff Uniform and makeup staff Graphic Artists CGI artists We're based in Ohio but anyone is welcome to join up and help us out! If you're interested in working with us, go to or for more information and to sign up! :lol: PS-- It's been brought to my attention that the application page is down. I will work on getting it back up soon. Please e-mail me here and I will e-mail back with the info I need to sign you up! Sorry!