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  1. I can deal with the humugous melon heads B) and even the cutting out bits of brain to cram in wires B) ,....but that wierd electric cherping sound they made....uh! B) It makes skin crawl! B)
  2. Not all Romulans and Vulcans have the same hair style. (Its hard to tell, but the dark skinned Vulcan at the top right had long black wavy hair.) 296892[/snapback] Yeah, but that makes it even weirder! If ALMOST everyone has the same cut, then it most likly isnt a cultural thing.
  3. Whats WRONG with you people! :o Don't you REMEMBER! :( Jean-luc know "Captain Coif", the best head of hair in the fleet! Oh, no... :lol: I must have been isolated from the changes in the time line! :P Those dastardly agents of the temporal cold war! :) How many more victims before it stops!! Fuuuttuuurrree Guuuyyyy!!! :lol:
  4. what, no option for dreadloks? :lol: not even a jerrycurl? (you going to tell me that even by the 24th century the jerricurl hasnt come back in style)
  5. if humans have gotten past all the war,poverty, and stuff, then yeah, we should point fingers and phaser banks if we have to. :lol: the best way to make amends for our sins is to prevent it from happenning again.
  6. romulans would never be able to act vulcan, not with them becoming all suraky and stuff.
  7. Wefconfed, ya a little harsh toward our turtlehead friends What makes romulans soooo much better than Klingons? :lol: romulans are just vulcans who need a hug. :lol:
  8. I voted for Offspring (its the best on a purely emotional level) but I also love The Measure of a Man (one of the few times TNG really confronts an issue rather than being just great sci-fi) but lets give some credit, it is the wonderful performance by Nicolas Coster as Admiral Haftel that really drives home the emotional impact at the end. That Data's fight to save his daughter would have such a strong effect on the man who had so little regard for either Data or Lal makes it that much more meaningful. and am I the only one who thinks they blew it by not keeping Lal alive and as a member of the cast. Just change the ending to "the Admiral changed his mind in the wake of Lal's near death and believes Data should continue to oversee her development on the Enterprise" Was that so hard? :lol: Just Imagine,Ten Forward Happy Hour :lol: Data:"Commander Riker, what are your intentions toward my daughter?"