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  1. It is in front of it you nit, only any lens distortions are masked by the detail of the lander itself. Ask yourself what is more likely: 1. We landed on the moon 2. We got the entire rest of the world to think we landed on the moon, and not a single person has talked.
  2. Here here. We have the tech now - Look up Tesla Motors. It's just expensive has heck. To late. Stop thinking local end products. The World production of Petroleum is 87 Million Barrels a Day (MBD), while Demand is 88 MBD. Thus the price rises (econ 101). Now oil and derivatives have been generally inelastic, but as prices have risen, a point has been reached where they have some elasticity (partly from alternatives (Fischer-Tropsch, Thermal Depolymerization, Unconventional sources, biofuels (with subsidies), ect) coming online). Limited Diferentiation in supply, and a very, very small margin.
  3. Ah a Traitor from the War of Southern Treason (that's what it was). I see your traitor and raise you General Curtis Emerson "Bombs Away" LeMay (USAF Ret).
  4. The Right Honourable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill KG OM CH TD FRS PC PC (Can)
  5. Ah so you accept the fact that I can and do plan ahead. For the record, The first post will include a table of contents and the others will include the pictures when I post them in the thread.
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  12. Here is a Preview of the Album for my Trip I just got back from. ALASKA
  13. Bah. Things like this only matter to people who are not going to live forever.
  14. If anyone would say Trek before marriage, then I'd venture a guess that you are a perma-virgin.
  15. Hacking out my site so the TIPOTS: Nightwatch trailer works right.