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  1. i suppose uve all been talking about the new star trek movie i was just wondering why dont they do it about Riker and his ship the USS Titan? that would be a good film maybe have the enterprise come to the rescue with a cameo by patrick stewart or kate mulgrew again :biggrin:
  2. *fingers crossed* lmao
  3. i doubt it many Q r very obnoxious look at previous star trek episodes and if the borg upset them the borg could b simply erased from history easy work 4 Q B) B) B) all hail Q the most powerful race in star trek
  4. i dont think so but u never no there mite b a twist 1 episode/ film
  5. cannot believe it he was a great player B) shame he died at 43 B)
  6. errr is this even still running
  7. requesting permission to join sir!
  8. thx for the info king
  9. i wanted to no if anyone knows wat the title is for the upcoming star trek film
  10. sex and star trek has never really been an issue
  11. nasa rock they r pioneers and hopefully will never hav casualties ever or at least not serious casualties anyway
  12. it would b devastating if 1 of these deadly viruses were unleashed upon the coalitions citys/countrys
  13. ive always called it the moon lol
  14. the ones in the up coming film about the war between romulans and humans set between enterprise and star trek:tos B)