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  1. With the recent censorship going on here at STF, I've decided to leave (which will probably make some of you very happy). I wish you all well. If some of you want to stay in contact my e-mail is klingonmike@hotmail.com Take care Mike
  2. I know in this country we have the right of free speech, but these people have crossed the line. Also if they think America is such a bad place, why don't they leave?
  3. Yesterday I came across a discussion about the idiots at the Westboro Baptist Church, now these are the people that in the recent past would go to funerals of people that died from AIDS waving signs that said "God Hates Fags" and "Thank God for AIDS" Well now these idiots are going to the funerals of soldiers that were killed in Iraq protesting and saying they deserve to die and they have signs that say "God is America's Terrorist", "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "God Hates America". Can you believe this crap? I sent them a very nasty e-mail and informed them that if they tried that here I would be kicking some...well you know what. I said "Yes I may go to jail, but it would be worth it knowing they were in pain, which would be no where near the pain they inflict on the people who are trying to bury their loved ones." If you want to look at this crap for yourself go to: http://www.godhatesfags.com/main/index.html I encourage everyone to e-mail these loony toons and tell them what you think. I see these people as being on the same level as Muslim fundementalist, they make me sick.
  4. In the Last Supper that really does look like a woman sitting to the right of Jesus...Hmmmm.
  5. This is after all just one artists' concept of what the "future" will be like. Although the role is played by a particularly beautiful actress. Also, not a totally original concept - remember Cassiopea (sp?) from the original BSG? I have only seen the eps that Scifi has shown to date - 346840[/snapback] Thats true, its only one concept of the future, But I can hope can't I ?
  6. Tonight I saw a movie trailer for the new Firefly movie! This is very exciting to me since Firefly, in my honest opinion, is just as good as any Star Trek show. The characters are great! Jayne is a pretty funny guy, and Kaylee is just the prettiest little engineer in the universe! LOL. I kinda wonder what the story is behind the preacher named Book. Also I think its cool how at first everyone thought River was just some mentally unstable chick, and she turns out to be a killing machine! Then there is Inara, what a hottie! Who would have thought in the future prostitutes would be looked at with honor and they would serve as ambassadors. Firefly is one of those well written and very intelligent sci-fi shows that people will remember for a long time. Its a shame the Fox network did not see that when they had it on, but soon TPTB at Fox will be eating crow when they see how well Firefly will do at the box office. I'm very glad the Sci-Fi Channel picked up Firefly and hopefully more people will get a chance to see this truly wonderful show.
  7. And somebody needs to tell Janice that she has not been a super model in over 20 years, she needs to get over herself. As for Omarosa...now don't get me started!!!
  8. I can't remember how I found this site. It was so long ago, but I'm glad I did!
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  10. Here on the Outer Banks we love your typical Eastern North Carolina Barbeque! Its all in the sauce baby!!! Heres a recipe at http://barbeque.allrecipes.com/az/strnNrthCrlinBrbqSc.asp Its good eatin!
  11. To me one of the reasons that it failed was due to the people that didn't want to give it a chance in the first place. Before Enterprise even aired many so called "fans" were condeming it because they did not like the idea of going back before Kirk's time. The whole "It was full of sex" thing cracks me up. I saw more sex on the commercials shown during the show. People seem to forget there was alot of sex and some brief nudity on DS9 and Voyager as well (espeically DS9 with a couple of woman on woman kissing which I personally thought was Great!!) Enterprise to me was a very good show with some great stories and by the time season 4 came around the episodes were outstanding and connected well with the other Star Trek series.
  12. Luckly no one was killed this time and the only major injurys were the terrorist themselves. people grabbed one that tried to get away and they beat the snot out of him and another was injured when his detonator went off. he's in the hospital surronded by the police.
  13. I had just found out at work that he has passed. My thoughts go out to his family. A sad day for Star Trek
  14. I think the new BSG is absolutly fantastic. One of the best Sci-Fi shows since Star Trek. the writing is top notch and the epsiodes very exciting. I for one am looking forward to watching this show grow and continue to get better.
  15. Maybe you should visit the Rhineland of Germany! Absolutly beautiful place, and the locals are very friendly. Also go to Amsterdam, one of my favorite citys I've had the pleasure of visiting.