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  1. I heard this song last week on Sirius. I was really surprised, given what they are "known" for. They keep on coming up with great music it almost makes me want to buy another one of thier CDs.
  2. Everyone might not know me, but I'll do it. Thanks for running the trivia and I hope to remember. B)
  3. 4 I saw this episode for the second time last night, and it was as good, if not better than the first time. It was an interesting story, and it was neat seeing our heros in the recreation of the OK corral. In fact, I think the best part of the episode was the setting and how alien everything looked even though it was supposed to be a recreation. Spock's science explination was a bit confusing, but other than that, it was a cool episode.
  4. There is additional conversation about the Vulcan Trilogy in the subforum above rating Enterprise episodes. I know, but I did it here in the interest of the discussion. Am I not allowed to talk about the episodes in the main forum?
  5. This episode is pretty underrated in my opinion. It was great to see Data take on a leadership role for the first time, and I really liked his friend. I think the best part of the story those was what was happening with the Shiliak and the Enterprise. It was a shame we didn't see more of the Shiliak corporate because they really were interesting and really alien. I loved the scene where Picard is trying to negotiate with the corporate and he turns the tables on 'em. Riker: You enjoyed that Picard: You're damned right.
  6. In tribute to Mike Piller, I watched this episode this last week and gained a new found respect for it. While it isn't the best premiere episode, it has moments that make it memorable. I think my favorite moment though, which I ended up getting a bit emotional, was when Stubbs and Wes was in the launch bay comparing the situation they were in with Baseball. I also loved the scene when Stubbs was in the quarters going over a season in his mind. I knew that these both scenes were Mr. Piller's ideas and it was a great touch. It was also great to see a peaceful resolution and a creation of a new culture. 4
  7. I enjoyed this movie. I really want to see the series now, and it looks like the first episode of Firefly will be airing next week on Sci-fi. I'm actually looking foward to it.
  8. Enjoy. They are both really good episodes, and a good start to the series IMO. BTW trek_dude, I didn't know you posted here. It's me, tomalak301 from trekbbs.
  9. So Far Favorites: Borderland Vox Sola The Forge Awakening Demons/Terra Prime Least: Bounty Chosen Realm A Night In Sickbay Acquisitoin Harbinger
  10. I own the entire series.
  11. I'm a christain and I'm glad he's happy. I don't like that lifestyle, but I respect it, and tolorate it.
  12. ^It's a kind of advanced math, dealing more with Analytic Geometry and Trig.
  13. I wouldn't call it the Best Show Ever. They pretty much IMO had only one consistantly great season.
  14. I said yesterday that I didn't know Piller was ill, but I decided to watch some of the special features for Insurrection Collectors Edition and it was just unreal to see him like he was. He wasn't like the guy who did the candid interviews for TNG, DS9, and Voyager. It almost reminded me of when Jimmy Doohan did a feature on the third season set of Star Trek. It still doesn't take the shock away, and dying of cancer at such a young age too. I really wish we found a cure to cancer. I know they're working on Aids research, but it seems like Cancer is much more leathal than AID's is at this time.
  15. Cool. I am still running on Cable modem, and love it.