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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080501/ap_en_...w8Fabmebk4wFxkF
  2. When it comes to WW3 in the Star Trek TL lets hope that this http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/636/636658p1.html is just a rumor !!
  3. Reading this timeline of 21st and early 22nd century Star Trek events really underlines just how different the 20th century also would have been in the Star Trek universe.The Eugenics Wars of 1992-1996 are the obvious major difference but there would also have to have been some major technological (many more advances ),politcal and social differences as well.Based on whats known from canon and written works speculate on those differences.
  4. I dont know if this has been posted here before but take a look-its really good. http://bbs.simonsays.com/cgi-bin/ultimateb...ic;f=3;t=003588
  5. The episode that re-establishes the Eugenics Wars as canon and a public event? 10 all the way :biggrin:
  6. Any season-A two -part time-travel and or flash back episode about the Eugenics Wars or WW3. Maybe an episode dealing with xenophobia on Earth because of the Xindi and/ or Romulans. Will Earth become isolationist?
  7. It can be argued that WW2 was part 2 of WW1 or that WW1 was part 1 of WW2 -so I think that based on some of the evidence here the same can apply to the Eugenics Wars and WW3. Both Space Seed and Greg Cox's books tell us that Khan and the eugenic supermen were created by a cabal of scientists to "improve" humanity. Both indicate that these supermen were primarily involved in and controlled 3rd world nations-40 of them according to Space Seed. So isnt it possible that the Eugenics War in the 1990's were part 1 of WW3? The alliance (Great Khanate) of these nations in Africa,the Middle East and Asia confronting the rest of the world and trying to conquer the populace of "normals" ( From the novelization of the Wrath of Khan). The war would have been primarily conventional,as the supermen wanted a population to control and a planet they could live on afterwards- so nukes arent used extensively but perhaps in some cases. A coalition of Western nations opposes the Great Khanate( from the Book Debtors Planet)-it may have been under UN auspices or maybe it started with the European Union and eventually the US ( Archers Great -Grandfather in North Africa) ,Russia and other countries joined if they were attacked or when it became obvious that Khan would not be happy with just the 3rd world. The TNG book Debtors Planet,which Cox pays homage to by including Ralph Offenhouse in his books,indicates a public Eugenics War with the Great Khanate invading Australia and the US aircraft carrier USS Enterprise being destroyed in the Battle of the Sea of Japan-the turning point of the war. Eventually the nations controlled by the supermen are defeated and the free world wins. But what does the world look like from 1996-2053? The coutries in Asia and Africa that were controlled by the eugenic supermen would have been a mixed bag,but many would have been deeply influenced by the supermen ideology of superiority and conquering the world to accomplish this. The novel Federation did a great job of making the Colonel Green ( Hitler ) and the Optimum Movement ( Nazis) the result of the Eugenics Wars. An arrogant group of men,who like the Supermen,think they know best and try to conquer the world which leads to part 2 of WW3-probably some conventional wars then a nuclear holocaust.This of course was surplanted by Star Trek First Contact which told us that WW3 involved the ECON-Eastern Coalition of Nations. Perfect ! I'snt it possible that this ECON is a rump group of nations that were part of the old Khanate in the 1990's? They leave the New UN ( which the US took a huge role in founding after addressing its huge social problems in the 2020's) sometime after 2036. The Econ comes into conflict with the New UN and that percipitates a nuclear holcaust circa 2053,that kills 600 million and also involves the US and apparently ( according to First Contact Novelization) destroys at least 2 American cities we never hear about in Star Trek - NY and DC. So after all that rambling just to repeat- The Eugenics Wars and WW3 could be directly linked- just depends on how you look at it- the Eugenics Wars as part 1 of WW3 or WW3 as part 2 of the Eugenics Wars. Either way everything we have in canon and novelizations indicates that both events happened-but are distinct and involved different players and events. Making them the exact same war in the 21st century would drive nuts like me completley crazy !!!
  8. I really have to say that ,despite the fact I think its being well done, my other big disappointment with Enterprise is the the Xindi storyline. I was hoping that Enterprise would have a Sol-Alpha Centauri- Wolf 359-Vulcan-Tellar-Andoria-Axanar- Romulans type of axis.The shows where it did were among my favorites. Hopefully we will see more of these in years 4-7. The Xindi storyline is a good precursor to forming the Federation as well-if it is done right.
  9. ---Starfleet Academy insignia says 2161 however, the Star Trek Encyclopedia says that Starfleet was 'incorporated' when the Federation was founded. What I think is that 'Starfleet' on Enterprise is still UESPA but the nickname Starfleet has come about and fallen into common use. So when the Federation was founded Starfleet was incorporated under the name Starfleet as UESPA would no longer be appropriate.--- This is actually one of my major nits with Enterprise. The show started only 1 year after the United Earth government was formed in 2150 and they are already calling it Starfleet? It would have been a major nod to canon and old school Trekkers if they called it UESPA. UESPA stands for United Earth Space Probe Agency and it was mentioned a few times in TOS as the operating authority of the Enterprise ( Tomorrow is Yesterday is notable episode where its mentioned,and the US pilot from the 1960's Kirk says it to is shocked to hear United Earth PS I also heard at a Star Trek convention that a UESPA patch was included in a glass case of patches in that bar shown in the Enterprise episode First Flight
  10. --The daedalus-class (what ever it is or whatever it looks like) comes later in the timeline. ---- The daedalus class is an early star ship.It was mentioned as being the type of ship that was crashed-landed on the TNG episode where Troi,Data and O'Brien were "possessed" by the group of disembodied prisoners.According to the Star Trek chronology book they were decomissioned in 2196-so that would put them after Enterprise. They look like a standard Starfleet ship except the primary section is actually a sphere and the enginerring section is log shaped. It honestly looks more primative than the enterprise-it would be cool if they made the Enterprise look more retro.
  11. The Eugenics Wars-A Brief History April 30th 1991-A young charismatic man named Khan Noonien Singh is elected to India's parliment. September 7,1992-This is the date that has come to be accepted as the day the Eugenics Wars began.China ,under the leadership of a eugenic superman Chairman Hikaru Minsei,attacked Taiwan with the stated goal of bringing order and evoultion to its most important "lost" province. April 20,1993- On this day 41 African,Asian and Middle Eastern nations lead by the young eugenic supermen formed the Great Khanate of Nations with Khan Noonien Singh of India as the titular leader.The experience of the people of these nations varied wildly from the essentially peaceful rule of Khan in India to the food rationing and forced selective breeding in Minsei's China to outright genocidal killings in General Muhammad Hasan's Iran. September 28,1993 The Great Khanate attacks Australia and New Zealand with the stated goal of" bringing genetic order to the West".Great Britian,South Africa and Japan declare war on the Great Khanate the following day. May 4 ,1994 Shocked by the surrender of Australia and New Zealand the previous day France , Germany and Italy declare war on the Great Khanate. June 1 ,1994 President Bill Clinton reaffirms American neutrality in the widening war but declares that the United States will help supply the anti-Khanate alliance. June 22,1994 San Diego, California-USA,Tel Aviv,Israel and Seoul, South Korea are hit by nuclear weapons as the Great Khanate declares war on those 3 nations.Those 3 nations and several others (including Canada and Mexico) follow suit the next day. May 14-15,1995 The Battle of the Sea of Japan is fought.This battle is acknowledged as the turning point of the Eugenics Wars as the resulting allied victory fractures the Great Khanate into waring blocs of nations.The American aircraft carrrier U.S.S Enterprise-CVN 65 is destroyed in this battle. October 1 ,1996 The Eugenics Wars end as Khan and his cadre of eugenic supermen are presumed killed in the battle to liberate Sydney,Australia- where they had held out in a last stand.Chairman Minsei signed an unconditional surrender document in Beijing, China. September 27,1997 Chairman Minsei,General Hasan and 59 other surviving eugenic supermen are put on trial at the International Military Tribunal in Paris ,France.This is the 1st such trial since the 1945-1948 trials of German and Japansese WWII leaders.Minsei,Hasan and the rest were convicted and executed for crimes against humanity and peace the following year. August 11,1999 Historian and author Travis Mitchell claims in his seminal work- The Eugenics War that there is next to no evidence that Khan Singh and his clique of eugenic supermen were killed in the liberation of Sydney on October 1,1996.Mitchell puts forth the widely unaccepted theory that Khan and his people escaped death and punishment on a DY-100 vessel launched from a samll Indonesian island that same day. GK-slang for a memeber of the Great Khanate alliance or army. normal-a slur used by the eugenic supermen for non-enginerred humans. Below are the 2 major alliances during the Eugenics Wars of 1992-1996 **** Can someone do a map ?***** The Great Khanate of Nations 1993-1996 Afghanistan Algeria Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Burundi Brunei Cambodia Chad China Cameroon Congo Egypt Eritrea Gabon India Indonesia Iran Iraq Jordan North Korea Kuwait Laos Lebanon Libya Malaysia Mali Mongolia Morocco Myanmar Nepal Niger Oman Pakistan Qatar Rwanda Saudi Arabia Somalia Sri Lanka Syria Tajkistan Thailand Tunisia Turkmenistan Uganda United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen The Democratic Alliance 1993-1996 Australia Angola Belgium Brazil Canada Democratic Republic of Congo Denmark Djibouti Ethiopia France Germany Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Kenya South Korea Liberia Mauritana Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Philippines Russia Senegal Singapore South Africa Taiwan Tanzania Turkey United Kingdom United States of America Venezuela Zambia Li Quan (General) 1961-1995 When one thinks of the Eugenics War the name Khan Singh usually springs to mind.Its becoming more evident that the "power behind the throne" in the Great Khanate was General Li Quan.Li Quan was first noticed as the brilliant eugenic Chinese general who lead the campaign against Taiwan in September-October 1992 at Chairman Minseis behest.Once the command structure of the Khanate was established in 1993 Li Quan quickly became the leading general.Quan argued forcefully for an "East then West " military strategy for the Khanate.The nations conquered first would be South Korea,Japan,the Philippines,Singapore.Once the Khanate had firmly controlled East Asia it could then move West striking out at Australia,Turkey,Israel ,South Africa and eventually Russia, Europe and the United States.Quan was overruled by Khan Singh who was eager to bring the "order of the Khanate" to the West.Quan was against the campaign but he lead the invasion of Australia with vigor.Despite the huge loss of manpower and resources the Khanate captured the Pacific superpower in only 7 months.After Australia and New Zealand's surrender in May 1994 Quan clamored for a focus on South Korea and Japan but was again overruled by Khan Singh and General Muhammad Hasan of Iran who both wanted a worldwide front.Quan cringed at the decision to attack the United States and Israel along with South Korea in June 1994.He privately said "Khan Singh is determined that we will win the world,even if were are defeated doing so".Quan threw himself into the South Korea campaign and that nation was conquered in less than 3 months.Quan's hoped for invasion of Japan was again held up when General Hasan fumbled the invasion of Turkey in October 1994.The Great Khanate had to divert nearly half its army to Syria and Iraq to prevent a total catastrophe.Li Quan always displayed a balance of thoughtfulness and ruthlessness.He successfully argued against General Hasans desire for an all out nuclear exchange with Israel after it nuked Tehran in retaliation for Tel Aviv noting"Once we conquer the world we will still have to live in it".However his campaign in South Korea was brutal and civilian causalities were high.Li Quan had always argued that the Khanate was overextending itself but the arrogance of Khan Singh,Hasan and others on the command staff didnt allow them to believe that their superior lot could ever be defeated by a pack of weakling normals.It's ironic that Quan ultimately lost his life in the fight he had longed for the whole time he lead the Khanate forces-the Battle of the Sea of Japan.That defeat did more that save Japan from invasion but fractured the Khanate into several warring camps who either wanted to stop the expansion and consolidate their current holdings or continue to expand.This infighting created a valuable opening for the Democratic Alliance and the Khanate was destroyed a year and a half after that pivotal battle.What if Khan Singh had swallowed his enormous pride and listened to the sound military advice of General Li Quan?Scary thought but it would make a good book. Travis Mitchell The History Journal April 10,2000 Any other ideas and/or tl's.
  12. From: Jay and Ruth (MarinerJRMB@mchsi.com) Subject: Timeline Challenge #1: The Eugenics Wars View this article only Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.tech Date: 2003-05-28 16:34:59 PST I have a challenge for those of us primarily interested in the "historicity" of Star Trek. I am primarily interested in the individual fan's interpretation of various key or turning points in Star Trek's fictional history. Challenge #1: The Eugenics Wars- We know from the episode "Space Seed" and Star Trek The Wrath of Khan that Eugenics Wars were fought between 1992 and 1996. Key figures in this conflict were possibly quite numerous, but only one figure has a resounding "choke-hold" on the historicity of this subject, Khan Noonien Singh. We have prescious few on-screen statements regarding this global conflict. We know that from 1992-1996, Singh ruled one-quarter of planet Earth from Asia to the Middle East, and the he was the most powerful and influential of an unknown number of eugenically engineered supermen. We know from The Animated Series that a Stavos Keneclius played some part during this conflict but what exactly is open for speculation. We know that sometime during 1993, eugenics supermen siezed power seemingly at once on Earth in some forty nations. It was at this point, that what has become known as the Eugenics Wars began, and according to Spock's own words on the subject this was "the era of the last of your so-called world wars" with "whole populations being bombed out of existence" with Earth "on the verge of another Dark Ages" Technologically, we know that during this period, the DY-100 Class spaceship was the most advanced space vessel of the time. We know that following the ceasation of hostilities during the war, Khan Singh either escaped aboard S.S. Botany Bay or was forcibly exiled from Earth orbit at least and recovered at least two centuries later by Enterprise (NCC-1701). Onto the challenge. Come up with a speculative timeline detailing the events leading up the Eugenics Wars and their conclusion. You may use any reference materials at your disposal, but I would strongly urge you to limit these resources to Original Series-Era materials, as we have all clearly seen, the relevance of this fictional conflict has been virtually ignored by TNG-Era materials and beyond even into Enterprise. Also, any professionally published materials such as the The Rise of Khan Noonien Singh by Greg Cox would be considered an exhaustive treatise on this subject and should NOT be considered a reference for this discussion. I simply want more of a fandom (you and I) speculation on this subject. You may as be "long-winded" as you can possibly be or as exhaustive as you can get within a speculative timeline. My conditions are such that I am not overly concered with canonical issues. I simply want to the fan's interpretation of these events. Also, feel free to use my email provided here with any and all comments, arguments, orspeculations best covered outside of this forum. That being said, let the timelines begin!
  13. Enterprise has a penchant for dropping old movie names in its epsiodes.The latest movie night reference was Rosemarys Baby.So it seems safe to assume that many of the crew (and humans in general) have seen old movies like Invasion of Body Snatchers ,War of the Worlds,Independence Day,V,X-Files etc etc.Movies that show the Earth invaded or menaced by hostile aliens -a reality that was never met until the Xindi attack in 2153. Is it possible that such an attack could have driven a deep and long lasting isolationist/xenophobic streak into Earths population that could have prevented the formation of Federation and is still present in the 24th century when you consider Section 31 . It seems to me that segements Earth society would still be far less liberal and progressive in the 22nd century than by time of 24th-the Xindi attack would underline that it seems. Any and all ideas appreciated.