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  1. Ah, thank you.
  2. Its been along time since The Next Generation for me. Please explain how the Pegassus storyline tied into the Trip/Shran storyline. Did I miss something? To me the two storylines did not fit at all. I found the finale very lacking. The only part I did like was the closing credits with the 3 Enterprise and 3 captains doing "These are the Voyages...."
  3. These are the Voyages was a lame finale. I agree the Terra Prime story line would have been an excellent finale. Or expand the Shran 10 year story line (without killing off Tucker) that would have been a good ending too. I'm sad too. I've been watching some form of Star Trek for some many years. Now I don't have anything to look forward to.
  4. I enjoyed the episode quite a bit. Listening to the religious fanatics pissed me off! But thats what happens to me when I hear that kind of chatter. Anyway, what is the deal with T'Pol? I was slack jawed when I saw her pushed aside so easily. I'd expect some "The Matrix" moves from her or some sort of skilled self defense techniques. Overall I'd say I like this season very much. I hope it continues!!!
  5. I was on a yahoo groups message board. VaBeachGuy sent out an invite to check out the site. I subsequently unsubscribed to the message board. I'm glad I joined. :P
  6. B) That was an Excellent tribute!
  7. B) That was wonderful!!! Thanks for bringing a smile to me Takara!
  8. Hello, I have a techical question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've found websites with various sound bits. I would like to change the generic sounds offered by windows to one of the ones from the net. Can someone help? Thank you very much, MMottster
  9. Thank you Xeroc!!! MMottster
  10. Ok, the light weight here. The Offspring and The Most Toys were Very Good (I only know there names because of the various replies) :-) One of my most favorite Data episodes is the episode where they determine if he is sentient or not. Reading all of these posts, makes me want to go out to the Garage and unpack all of my TNG videos (the safest place for them after moving). MMottster
  11. Hello Everyone! This is my first post to this website. Thank you Ktrek for the link. My favorite movies last year were: Signs Attack of the Clones Nemesis Spiderman Two Towers I love foreign language and independent films, some favorites are: Pauline and Paulette Bread and Tulips The Runner Run Lola Run Mi Ve En Rose (My life in Pink)