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  1. Worst... movie... ever... It had so much potential yet like with any other Syamalan's movie, he manages to rip off money from innocent movie-watchers who expect a good, decent movie. I don't have a single positive thing to say about ANY of his movies. I refuse to see any of his future movies.
  2. Alas, GL has stated that JJB won't be dying in the movie so that is left for the EU
  3. The trailer is out! Go to swf.net immediately to the swep3 spoiler discussion to start the download.
  4. The 2nd trailer of SWEP3 is out. It was shown (prematurely) in Peruvian cinema's. On swf.net I posted a link (wich most likely, will be offline quite soon) where the trailer can be seen recored with a cellphone inside a Peruvian cinema. The quality is bad, half of the trailer is in Spanish but you get a good idea on what will come.
  5. Ooh! I got mentioned! Wheee! :biggrin: :P 306413[/snapback] Only see that red cross thingy when pictures don't show up as avatars... :lol: EDit: NOt anymore :lol:
  6. More soundfiles here.
  7. OMFG! Audio Clips from SWEP3!!!! Hurry, click that link! :P
  8. Well thank you. B) Though didn't you used to have Nom Anor here too...? I like your avatar now anyways B) I also like RikerChick's. B) 305565[/snapback] Yeah, normally I use Nom Anor but it didnt show properly, all wierd and streched. So I use this one to confuse my targets, ehm, victims eeeh: I mean ''my dear fellow forummers''... :P B)
  9. Well Sea Trooper obviously has an element of SW in it so he gets my vote... :P
  10. New swep3 spoiler pics are up on swf.net :jem'hadar:
  11. *releases the voxyn*
  12. That be perverse!
  13. Glad you liked them! :P
  14. Gabri_Jade & Rikerchick + VBG of course.