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  1. I've had a busy schedule for a few days so I couldn't participate.
  2. 2161, right when the federation was formed. Of Course Starfleet before that may have had some other kind of academy/training.
  3. I have ad-aware SE Personal
  4. DSO Exploit jsut won't go away.
  5. seems to get stuck in your head.
  6. Maybe Wide Reciever.
  7. I got an error...... I bet I'm Yoda. But I keep getting an error.
  8. Need to be unique: 28% Need to NOT conform: 22% Willingness to express dissent: 75% Overall score: 33%
  9. I gave it a 9.5 Click For Spoiler I just didn't like the fight scene I actually gave it a 9.5, Usually give episodes 10.
  10. Well I didn't want to cease to exist.
  11. Well I was too afraid to do it.
  12. no I wasn't ignoring you, I was just giving you some advise( aka Yoday Quotes)
  13. we're suppose to stop? no I don't drive......... yet. soon though