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  1. Sure would, but don't see it happening
  2. I thought the ending to ds9 was great. Ended the story but left some things open. Made me sad it was all over.
  3. i enjoyed it right from the start.
  4. DS9 was on channel nine in Australia, late at night though.
  5. loved it. seen it a couple of times. would like to see it again.
  6. Sisko. All you could want in a star trek captain. But he didn't stand alone, I thought all the characters were great.
  7. I liked the Jake and Nog friendship as they went from kids to teenagers to adults. Was probably intended to bring in a new generation of trekkies.
  8. Dr who and Takara, I am sure Douglas Adams was a fan but i am afraid that he is dead. He died of a heart attack about 4 years ago. He was a fantastic author of science fiction so am sure he would have liked all the star trek shows. The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy can be heard (i think it's still there) on radio at the bbc website, the second series is coming soon.
  9. The character really developed in DS9. In TNG we didn't see enough of him.
  10. bald and with the beard, makes him look more mature and authoritative
  11. checking out has it ever been done here?
  12. go the lego
  13. ds9 what you leave behind
  14. i agree, peace is the word
  15. I agree, she isn't a very endearing character
  16. i'd love to go but live in Australia. would like to go to a convention too, you don't get too many over here!
  17. i just recently enjoyed season 1 and 2 again, and enjoyed them immensely. Captive Pursuit has alaways stuck in my mind prominently and was glad to see it again. It shows us once again that we should attempt to understand other cultures before hastily judging them and accept the difference no matter what our perceptions tell us.
  18. make it so is a great phrase, which is stuck in my head. but, i don't think that i've ever used it. i do however use the word empathic, i don't think i knew what it meant before tng.
  19. troi, by a light year
  20. sorry, don't see much similarity between the ancient greeks and the dominion. i thought the dominion quite original.
  21. data, who else?
  22. i thought it was a great idea Click For Spoiler and i especially liked those wonderful characters that came from this
  23. rom and leeta, they were such a happy couple
  24. hoshi, as she has the most work to do
  25. sisko, with picard not far behind