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    I like alot of things such as:<br /><br />1.) Star Trek<br /><br />2.) Anime Culture<br /><br />3.) Learning Religons<br /><br />4.) Yoga<br /><br />5.) weightlifing and wrestling<br /><br />6.) Shopping<br /><br />7.) Fashion<br /><br />8.) Cooking<br /><br />9.) Reading<br /><br />10.) Listening and playing music<br /><br />11.) Writing<br /><br />12.) Learning about other cultures<br /><br />13.) Photography<br /><br />14.) Graphic Design<br /><br />15.) Vampires<br /><br />ETC.......

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  1. Really? I tried learning Spanish, it was hard for me so then I started picking up Trek Languages and they are much easier to me, well then again, being trekkie it should be alot easier lol.
  2. Thanks for all the help! I will be getting Imzadi II very soon. I wonder why the made a sequal? I have the first book so I will have to read and find out.
  3. LOL! that is true! But, I still think that some Klingons out there would never stop to take a break lol!
  4. I could not be Vulcan. I am VERY emotional person, plus going through all those rituals, it owuld drive me crazy lol.
  5. I would have to agree with you on that one. I also have the book Sarek, Spock's father maybe that also will give me a better understanding about Vulcan culture.
  6. I will be getting those in the near future! I may get it in the summer time, or I might get it for my birthday, but I don't know which one is better lol!
  7. That is good to know, I will start to watch the episodes that I didn't finish on the weekend!
  8. There are not alot of the web, about Bajorians, another place that is good to check is: I will have more to add, once I contuide to find some more!
  9. I wish that they had more characters like her in a new Trek series someday!
  10. I checked out the site link that you mentioned, and well I can make those myself, when I get the right materials, I will post some pictures of the verisons of the Bajorian earring that I have done.
  11. Klingon can deal with anyone at anytime. I would like to go there and relax in a hot spring!
  12. I respect their culture, there are now some places in the world, that have the princples of Bajorian beliefs. All of those are great Bajorian episodes!
  13. I also like the earring. It still known as a classic DS9 trademark. I know many of my friends, who have watched the show, but as soon as I mention that earring, the know it right away from looking at them in jewelry shops.
  14. I try to do it as much as I can. Just like the food pyramid, I think that it should be a daily requirement for the body.
  15. That is very interesting. When she was starting off her carrer, she got a small role as one of MacGuyver's old past friends.