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  1. Here's my thought... Starfleet started as an extension of a joint Earth Space Program. The reason Enterprise carried weapons is because they are going into the unknown. I don't know how many people, even explorers or diplomats, would sail into the waters off Somalia without some kind of protection. The same could be said for Enterprise. However... As time goes on, Earth, and later the Federation, realises that while Earth is paradise, very few other places even come close. The Galaxy is a rough place. So Starfleet evolves. Enterprise carries relatively few weapons for a ship her size. Two guns, two missile/torpedo launchers, on a ship the size of an Iowa Class Battleship. By the time of Kirk's Enterprise, The need for armed ships was more obvious. Kirk's vessel was more combat ready. We didn't see a while lot in the Original Series, but in the movies, the fact that the Enterprise and Enterprise A both have at least a half-dozen twin mounts for phasers, but still only two torpedo tubes. If you look at Excelsior, she is even more heavily armed, with 9 or 10 twin mounts on the saucer alone! Then we get to the Next Generation. The Galaxy class has ten of the most powerful phasers ever fitted to a starship, and three total torpedo tubes <One is only usable when the saucer seperates>. Voyager, a ship 1/4 the size of the Galaxy class, has a dozen of the same phaser arrays, and four torpedo tubes ready to go. Defiant has at least four phaser cannons, possibly a dorsal phaser array, and aft torpedo capabilities on a ship significantly smaller than the NX-01. And then there's the Enterprise E. 6-7 Torpedo tubes, and 12-15 phaser arrays. Starfleet sure got the hint that not everyone is out there to play nice. It took them a while, but they did evolve from being explorers with weapons for defense to being a capable military force. I also think, in the aftermath of the Dominion War, Starfleet would establish a permanent Strategic and Tactical Command, with purpose-built warships maintained at the ready. You just never know when you've only explored 20% of your home galaxy...
  2. Khaki pants and a maroon hoody
  3. "Right now"-Akon
  4. Miller Lite...Cuz I don't wanna piss off the Commish.
  5. Okay, Supposedly, the Soveriegn class is the largest ship in Starfleet. In terms of Overall length, that is entirely accurate. The class is 685 meters long, from the front of the bow to the aft end caps on the warp nacelles. She's also 240 meters wide, and depending on who you believe, either 24 or 29 decks tall (Memory Alpha says there was a refit that extended it to 29 decks tall), and she masses, according to memory alpha, 3,205,000 metric tons. However... The Ambassador class USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) measured 526 x 325 meters, and massed 3,710,000 metric tons. More than half a million metric tons more, dispite being 160 meters shorter. The Galaxy class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C measures 641 meters long, and 475 meters wide (Her saucer is wider than the original enterprise was long), and tips the scales at nearly 5 MILLION metric tons. When I put a picture of a Soveriegn class starship next to a Galaxy class, I expected to see the ships as quite similar. The Galaxy class DWARFS the Sovereign class. While the difference in overall length is basically negligable (44 meters), what becomes evident is that the Galaxy class is STILL the big dawg in Starfleet. Don't get me wrong, I like the Soveriegn class, but the comparison of the two is like comparing a Corvette to a Silverado. Both look nice, but one's a sports car and the other is here for some work.
  6. So yesterday at work someone asked me "How can you look so good after having 4 children? It's just not fair. You'd think you were Sarah Evans or Faith Hill!" I told them exactly how: I get up at 6:00 or 6:30 and go running with two Navy Guys, usually a mile and a half to 2 miles. So, how do the rest of you stay in shape? Do you run? Ride your bike? Jump to conclusions?
  7. On behalf of Vice Admiral Praxis Hardfighter, Chief of Staff, I am authorised to announce that Lima Fleet is now currently looking for officers and NCOs of good charactor for Starship, Starbase, Marine Corps, and Starfighter duty. We currently have numerous ships that are in great need of crews. Lima Fleet Forums We currently have over 10 Starships, 1 Starbase, and a Marine Battalion assigned to various Task Forces. Lima Fleet's Senior Staff Fleet Admiral Steven Kesler-Commander in Chief Fleet Admiral Kira Phaserman-Deputy Commander in Chief; TF 125 Commanding Officer; CO, USS Veroto Vice Admiral Praxis Hardfighter-Chief of Staff; TF 125 Executive Officer; CO, USS Fearless Strike Group (Battleship Strike Group.) Rear Admiral Amanda Quinn-Task Force 405 CO; CO, USS Eros Commodore Alex Crimson-Task Force 405 XO; CO, Starbase Licentia Major General B. W. Williams, III-Commander, 7th Marine Regiment (Marine Task Force) Some of our unique ships: USS Fearless--Georgia class Battleship, centerpeice of the Fearless Strike Group. USS Eros--Biggest ship in the fleet (To my knowledge), heavy Explorer. USS Valiant--Defiant Class, Command Training Vessel, commanded by STF's own Captain Gary Phaserman USS Veroto--Soveriegn Class, She is the Flagship of the fleet. USS Valley Forge--Recently detached from FSG, She is a Shiloh class Heavy Cruiser under command of Captain Jim Phaserman (I'm sure yall know who he is, right?) USS Trojan Horse--a Majestic Class Fleet Carrier, Captain Kristen McQueen's ship is looking for a few good men and women who are not afraid to rush in where angels fear to tread. Starbase Licentia--Lima Fleet Headquarters, located at the frontier of Federation space, from here Lima Fleet insures the security of the Federation and it's interests, domestically and abroad. USS Lexington--The Fearless' primary escort, she is a Galaxy class starship built during the Dominion war. As such, she retains many of the Dominion War modifications to the Galaxy class, though she still retains many of the Galaxy's diplomatic and scientific facilities, adding some flexibility to the Fearless Strike Group. Captain Mike Bones is always looking for bright new officers to staff this beauty of a ship. HVMS Kritak--A recent transfere from Nightfall Fleet, Kritak is a Valderan Heavy Cruiser now assigned to the Fleet as a laison between the Federation and the Valderan Royal Empire. Captain Jarul Fignarigto commanding. Thank you for your time, Cdr Kirsta Fignarigto, Executive Officer, USS Fearless
  8. Just a few questions... Is this bird manned? And when does the full-scale model come out? A "Real" X-wing is 12.5 meters (41 feet) long. This thing is around 1/2 scale...Oh, and do the Laser Cannons work?
  9. Well, if you HAVE to work for a pizza place, might as well be the best. Gary used to be a GM, but got turned down for a franchise. Now he's an Assistant Manager, and quite the capable all-around guy. He's probably the best all-around employee in the area. There ain't a damned thing he can't do.
  10. Just put the kids to bed, and now I'm sending an E-mail to Gary.
  11. Dominos...Pizza? Please say not Domino's Pizza....*shudders* Gary's uniforms always smelled HORRIBLE when he came home. An odd mixture of hot sauce, pepperoni, and sweat. Right now what am I wearing? a tank top and shorts.
  12. Just checked on that with Admiral Hardfighter...Your account, for some reason, was listed as Validating. He has fixed it, and you should be able to post. Feel Free to contact any of the active persons on that forum for info about the sims.
  13. Here are some links for you guys so you can check out the these from the Chief Of Staff (Praxis is such a gentleman...assuming of course you don't make him mad.) USS Fearless-Georgia class battleship, Fearless sim has TWO Ships: USS Fearless and Galaxy class cruiser USS Lexington Needs for Fearless: Second officer (Ops) (Lieutenant Commander) Tactical Action Officer (Lieutenant Commander) Chief of Security (Lieutenant) Chief Engineer (Lieutenant Fighter Group Commander (Major or Lt. Colonel) Marine Commander (Marine Captain) Needs for Lexington: Executive Officer (Commander) Second officer (Ops) (Lieutenant Commander) Tactical Action Officer (Lieutenant Commander) Chief of Security (Lieutenant) Chief Engineer (Lieutenant) Chief Medical Officer (Lieutenant or Lt. Commander) Fighter Squadron Commander (Marine Captain) Marine Commander (Marine Captain) First Battalion, 7th Starfleet Marine Regiment-The resident Marine Sim. Features four SFMC Infantry Companies. Needs: Battalion XO (Marine Captain) Battalion Surgeon (Starfleet Lt.) Battalion Sgt. Major Company Commanders (Marine Captains, Bravo, Charlie, Delta Companies) Company 1st Sergeants (1Sgt, All Companies) Platoon leaders (Lieutenants) (All Companies, 4 per Company) Platoon Sergeants (All companies, 4 per company) Starbase Licentia-Starbase III Class Starbase, Located in Sector 712. Homeport for Lima Fleet. Needs unknown. Contact RADM A. Crimson, Commander, Starbase Licentia through the sim. USS Hawkeye-Constitution III Class Starship. Needs unknown. Contact Captain Remus A. Lupin through Sim. USS Lansing-Intrepid Class Starship Needs unknown. Contact Captain Sean Miller through sim. USS Trojan Horse-Majestic Class Fleet Carrier. Needs: Alot. I think XO and Flight Control officer are the only two posts Captain McQueen has filled thus far. USS Veroto-Soveriegn Class Starship, Flagship Needs: Contact Admiral Kira Phaserman through sim. USS Valley Forge-Shiloh Class Heavy Cruiser, second most powerful warship in Lima Fleet.* Needs: Everything aside from a Captain. Contact Captain James Phaserman through the sim. *warship designation does not include Trojan Horse.
  14. We're all still alive. Just alot busier...Most of us are active in Lima Fleet. I'm the XO on the Fearless, Gary's commanding the Valiant, Jim's commanding the Valley Forge. Julie is CMO on Fearless. the only two Phasermans who have yet to make their Lima Fleet debuts are Tommy (Who is still in Iraq) and Darryl.
  15. not much right now. just watching the boys.
  16. Da. Bears. Still. Suck.
  17. it is possible. possible even to be stupider..Imagine if she had run...Running away from law enforcement with an appearent bomb is considered justification to shoot....*shudders*
  18. TripLives, read between the lines... NFL is in Week three, far from the playoffs, much less the "Finals", the Superbowl
  19. Captain McQueen on the Carrier Trojan Horse found out I was advertising for her here, and asked me to try and bait some people to come fly fighters for her, here's the Lima Fleet Starship Database entry for our premier fighter, the Mk. IV
  20. Congratulations, WF!
  21. Sounds familiar *looks at clock* Oh, it's only 4:59... Reading an E-mail from an old high school friend. [startrumors]she wants to hook up with me.[/rumor]
  22. They made it to the game, but forgot to actually show up. Happens, though, when you play against Payton Manning. I'm a Packers fan, so I am obliged to think the Bears suck...This, of course, is the team that had Jim McMahon, not even Porky Pig was quite so big a ham...
  23. "Da Bears Still Suck Polka" by the Happy Schnaaps Combo. Any band called the "Happy Schnaaps Combo" is okay by me...
  24. Random advice: Don't play leapfrog with a unicorn. It's a pain in the...well, you get the idea... Random thought: Vampires are a pain in the neck. Random quote: "Da Bears Still Suck!"