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    Wherever I go, there I am (ie Manchester, England)
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    Star Trek (obviously), Bury FC, Supermarionation, writing poetry and stories. Oh, and my two beautiful best friends in the entire universe Laura and Stacey.
  1. ^ No idea what it is < Tired but happy v Ever heard "Gravity" by Embrace?
  2. No Do you like football games?
  3. ^ Not really < Can't wait for the phone to ring! v Who is your favourite non-Trek actor?
  4. License To Kill
  5. Yep. Pepsi Max is better. Are you currently in love?
  6. Never being loved Losing a family member or losing a lover
  7. Woman
  8. Thunderbirds
  9. Dominican Republic
  10. Flu
  11. Sore tongue - got one of those now, really badly cut all over and I can't talk properly or eat! :lol: Deafness or Blindness
  12. No, more of a road bike person. I love road biking. Do you road bike?
  13. E Enterprise A or B