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  1. I heard there goin to be a star trek online game like world of warcraft kind of thing is it canceled or still in going to be one of it.?
  2. I am lutheran is that part christian..
  3. I want to meet Joan Jett.
  4. The Nanny Show
  5. I been relaxing in the house watched the bulls game which they lost listen to music all day and wrote a letter to my favorite singer Joan Jett.
  6. Lil' Red Riding Hood-Sam the sham and the Pharaohs
  7. I love rock n roll by Joan Jett
  8. it great to have a chatroom again quite miss going in there n chat with others. thanks for putting in the chatroom again.
  9. Joan Jett- This Means War
  10. NBA playoffs Bulls vs pacers there 4th game