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  1. happy birthday chimei01! :D

  2. hi there... here's my review of SW3: ROS. save your money. it was wack! there's lots of great effects...but it's also full of bad writing, bad acting and no story. it's silly and not worth waiting in line. so wait a week or two. you're not missing anything. but if you're a big fan (as i am of eps 4, 5, 6), it's worth seeing just to say you've seen it. but i was really disappointed. at least it's over and george lucas can't torture us with more crap... i was once again reminded why i love trek so much more. chimei
  3. i've looooved the show from the first eps. but the finale was a travesty...the story was strong and the actors great. why did we need riker and troi. they ruined it. i can't believe they had the balls to insult the cast and crew of ST:ENT this way. archer could have said the whole thing on his own... blalock was right...appalling! chimei01
  4. it's insulting to think that either frakes or sirtis need to be there. :P would anyone have thought it a good idea to have nichols, takei or koenig on the finale of TNG? no....why, it undermines the work of the cast and crew. period! it's rediculous...they should have let the crew fly off into the sunset like kirk and company in ST VI:UC. i only hope blalock is wrong and that it isn't as appauling as it seems. regardless...i will always consider this to one of the best ST shows...i've loved it and had a great four years with the crew. i wish them all the best.
  5. where do you find these things? i always wonder where they come from...especially before and eps is aired... but i'm so excitedto see this eps. and sooooooooooo pissed that ENT was cancelled. and if they Click For Spoiler mess up the finale with a holodeck sim erasing the last four years.... well, i'm buddhist so i can't really do what i'm thinking. chimei (spoiler tag added + word edited)
  6. i'm thinking 23rd century...i want to try to come up with something more original. 24th century stuff is pretty locked into the two tone jumpsuit thing. not much fun there... and i like the idea of mixing starfleet with vulcan as they did with t/pol's new uniforms...but more field worthy. chimei
  7. i want to develop a RPG character a bit further...and this is not an RPG question...i'm just giving background. i want to create a look for the character, a vulcan. he serves as a xenoanthropolgist within starfleet. if you had to describe the field uniform for someone working in the field, digging up stuff from extinct species, villages, ruins, etc....what would it look like? i have some ideas, but want some that aren't influenced by my description. when i get them, i will incorporate them and post some rendering to get feedback. so i welcome any ideas for patches, gear, jacket, goggles, footwear, tools, etc. send them my way. thanks. chimei
  8. actually, there many occasions where humans in one area select a name for there group that focuses on activity X and another group somewhere else has the same name for something entirely different. ACS in buffalo means AIDS Community Services ACS in NYC means administration for child services so why couldn't two separate species have selected a similar name? or perhaps the universal translator selected that english word because it was the only one even remotely close to the meaning...or it was simply confused. but...the episode was amazing. 9.5 all the way. and the hoshi backstory was perfect. it explains a lot of here hesitation with some of the starfleet regulations, contraptions and lack of field experience. i hope they keep it up...great episode and season...
  9. Greetings... For the life of me I cannot find any that look like the ones used on the shows. Either they are too dull or too shiny. Does anyone know where to get one that is the same "shine" as the series? And while we're on it, where can I get a sound board that actually sounds like the series? I got one through the mail and it sounds ridiculous. Thanks in advance for the help. Chimei
  10. was blown yet. loved every minute of it. and soval is rocking in his new found allegiance with humans. and loved the bush commentary. this is why i've always loved trek...just like TOS. making a point and allowing the audience to take it from there... keep it up ENT....loving it since the first with no end in sight.
  11. if you check out the section at about aliens, they talks about the physical differences of the alien species on ST. they mention the double eyelid...the heart...etc. it was nice to see this in an episode. did they not mention this before in TOS or other series? any info... thanks...chimei
  12. Greetings all... Trying to put together the Starfleet uniform (ST: 2-6) and can't find anyone who has the belt buckle. Does anyone know a supplier that carries them? Couldn't get to any conventions (where I know they have them) and am desparate. Any help would be appreciated. Live long and prosper. Chimei ^_^
  13. greetings... i was looking at all these great CGI mock-ups of ships in the "akiraprise" debate and was wondering how people make all these great pics. i mean, it there a particular program or site i can get or go to if i want to design my own ship/runabout? please let me know...thanks. chimei
  14. greetings... i'm trying to find some federation screen displays. i want to make a screen saver that rotates pics of computer panels from TNG, VOY or ENT. i had a link before...but lost it. any link ideas would be sooooo appreciated. thanks in advance. chimei
  15. actually, all of the interviews with bakula have included his advocacy for a 22 eps season. he's been gunning for that since he took on the role. TPTB finally gave in and gave them the time to make 22 great eps instead of straining to get the 26 they've been making for three years. the cast and crew deserve breaks and the writing staff needs the time to fully develop stories. i'm totally ok with it. good luck to all involved...enjoy your summer off.