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  1. Lol, it's cool. That happens to me too and I can't really say this message board has been very active without having to post stuff yourself. :P Glad your back though! :D -ish

  2. :O So I lost my pass again. But then I found it. And decided to write it down with all my other passwords. >.> I'm still not going to remember to come on here very often!

  3. Long time, no post. :3

  4. Last time I saw Shatner was on Miss Congeniality 2...and on that Kelloggs commercial...heeheehee...
  5. :) Oh, VOYAGER!!!! Has to be my absolute favorite series. I totally agree with the Resolutions scene! That has to be the best. Also, in Coda when she dies, and Chakotay's crying as he's holding her. That was awesome!!! I'm a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR JetCer, (Janeway/Chakotay fan) so any scene that's had them together in it is my favorite!!! Also any seen when the Doctor is being sarcastic.