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  1. you're banned because my knee is hurting
  2. pink
  3. You're banned because I'm cold
  4. buddhist
  5. Reading every single post since last time I logged in
  6. You're banned for telling me what I did
  7. ME! (happy)
  8. You're banned because I missed you
  9. You're banned because I'm BACK!
  10. haircuts
  11. You're banned for the reason why I didn't ban the person above you. (I.E. I was out of ideas)
  12. You Are Vanilla You are incredibly sexy and sensual - yet still sweet and innocent. You have an exotic, mysterious vibe. You leave people wanting to know more. You know how to make lovers relax, calm down, and be vulnerable. You draw people in and make them addicted to you. You're a lot more potent than people think.
  13. You Are ROTFL
  14. word
  15. I got it off Morgan Freeman on Bruce Almighty bloopers. The guy who plays "God." [Whom I don't believe in, but anyways] You're banned for calling me strict.
  16. You're banned for laughing. No laughing on the set.
  17. Sunshine