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  1. You're banned for having ***'s in your sig.
  2. salami-slice
  3. You're banned for the history of England
  4. bleed
  5. Joe joined the board in 2005, his original screen name was dragonwrangler95. He changed it once that ability was made available back in early 2008. Woooooah didn't realise it was dragonwrangler95! *Feels like she has just been punched in the stomach* Oh Joe, so gonna miss you round here. I just watched Trek earlier and I started thinking of you and I shed a few tears! OK only over the forum but still we got like a family on here, it's like loosing a member.
  6. You're banned for being sick and making everyone else sick *I'm ill at the mo*
  7. Rude
  8. Referee
  9. Oh my goodness! :angry: This is very sad news. When did he die?
  11. referencing
  12. you're banned for posting more than 20 times in this thread alone
  13. Cara is banned because she is doing this instead of watching the pizza in the oven... :angry:
  14. You're banned because I'm tired
  15. You're banned for making me smile ear to ear, which is rare
  16. You're banned for his wit
  17. you're banned for being a 2 Bar Federation Ambassador
  18. you're banned for having some orange dudes in your avi
  19. Cherries
  20. Toast without any topping, chocolate.
  21. Hair bobble, 4 rings, a pair of glasses, a pink nightie with a cat face on it, and my slippers. oh and a bag of frozen veg strapped to my bad knee.